Clix Marketing Blog’s #PPC News & Views: Friday, August 23, 2019

Happy Friday, friends, and welcome to this week’s edition of the Clix Marketing Blog’s PPC News & Views!

From the Experts

Directive Consulting

Top PPC Leaders Explain How To Adapt To Changes in PPC IndustrySome of the top PPC experts, including our own Joe Martinez, explain how they adapt and keep up to date on all of the changes in our industry.

Simo Ahava

iOS Quickstart With Google Analytics For Firebase And Google Tag ManagerStep-by-step instructions or a video – you pick.

Practical Ecommerce

Non-standard Product Images Can Spur SalesAhh one that is overlooked..context of use photos. Get examples of three types of photos that encourage more sales in this great post.


Big Changes Coming to Google Ad Delivery & Facebook Ad Targeting: We’re losing the option to select accelerated ad delivery for new search or Shopping campaigns and Facebook is doing a limited roll-out of the Off-Facebook Activity Tool – get all the details here.

Paid Media Pros

Responsive Display Ads ImagesNot seeing good results from your Google Responsive Display Ads? It could be your image choices.


Setting up Google Shopping Custom Labels using a supplemental feedThis post explains which labels to choose and how to create a supplemental feed.

Group Twenty Seven

SEO vs. PPC: A Few Forgotten Truths“…neither is a substitute for the other. And when you harness them together, you get the best of both.” Yup. What they said.

From the Engines

Microsoft Ads

How to leverage Microsoft and LinkedIn to drive demand

Google Ads

Next steps to ensure transparency, choice and control in digital advertising


45% of Our Social Media Traffic Comes from Quora [PODCAST]


New on LinkedIn: Your Centralized Hub for Actionable Marketing Insights


Now You Can See and Control the Data That Apps and Websites Share With Facebook

From the Clix Team

How to Handle Google Ads Average Position Sunsetting by Bethany Bey