Clix Marketing Blog’s #PPC News & Views: Friday, January 11, 2019

Happy Friday, friends, and welcome to this week’s edition of the Clix Marketing Blog’s PPC News & Views!

From the Experts


How To Write The Best Google Ads Copy & Back It Up on Landing PagesClix’s own, Michelle Morgan points out that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to ad writing, but following some best practices will help make us more successful. Eight tips that can be applied now to your accounts (and shared with your co-workers)!

3Q Digital

How to Get Started with Facebook Lead Gen CampaignsB2B? Jump start your ’19 goals with some lead gen efforts.


The Travel Marketers’ Guide to Google Ads“It’s a competitive space. That’s why it’s so important to enter it purposefully, regardless of which combination of placements you choose to run ads on.” Yup – what they said. The only thing better than this piece would be to read it while on a tropical vacation.


3 Google Ads Strategies that Killed It in 2018 (To Inspire You in 2019)Don’t neglect landing pages (great advice on photography), combine Google Ads and Facebook for impact and ensure you’re utilizing Google Shopping for e-commerce. Check out this thoughtful piece!


How to Find New Placements to Target on the Display Network: Clix Director Joe Martinez outlines how you can use existing information on Google Analytics and Google Ads to find additional placements to target on the Google Display Network. Definitely check this one out!

Marketing Land

10 reasons you need to attend SMX WestIf you need reasons, they’re here. Buy your ticket already!

Search Engine Journal

3 Google Ads Tips for Small Brands CompaniesReally, really good tips here to get your smaller brand clients exposure. We love number 2: Forget the Sale – Send a Sample!

CPC Strategy

How To Find The Best Long Tail Keywords For AdsWe know it’s an essential element to the success of your eCommerce campaigns and brand advertising, this piece outlines 7 tools for keyword research and search term reporting for Google and Amazon.

From the Engines


Retarget Users Who Have Shown Interest in Questions on Quora


Help influence and understand how your products appear on Google

Bing Ads

5 must-haves for creating branded intelligent agents

From the Clix Team

Understanding Price in Lead Generation PPC: It’s Not About the Benjamins by Michelle Morgan
How to Leverage B2B Lookalike Audiences in the Stages of Your Sales Funnel by Abby Woodcock
4 Tips for Facebook Ad Optimization by Bethany Bey
How to Get Pinterest Ads Access as an Agency by Kristin Palmer