Clix Marketing Blog’s #PPC News & Views: Friday, June 25, 2021

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Paid Search

A Guide to Google Phrase Match for Improved PPC Performance Keywords are no longer just about words; they’re about meanings. Learn how phrase match works in Google Ads to improve PPC performance.

19 Pesky Google Ads Disapprovals and How to Fix Them This article will be diving into the following to alleviate your ad disapproval woes: 19 Google Ads disapprovals, what they mean, and how to fix them, what to do if you need to appeal a Google Ads disapproval and how to avoid future Google Ads disapprovals.

How to Future Proof Your PPC Program The best way to future proof your business is to reinvest some of those awesome returns back into your PPC program. And one way to reinvest is to divert some of your PPC-generated sales revenue into brand-building campaigns. In this article, you’ll find an example of how we’re implementing this strategy for a B2C business.

Paid Social

What you need to know about Facebook’s Aggregated Events Measurement (AEM) This year has brought on significant shifts in the ad buying space. There has been so much information we (as ad buyers) have had to retain just to be able to repeat back to clients and so we can properly advertise on the platform. AEM is an example of this. We’re about to dive in on this little Facebook feature that has likely been overlooked or misrepresented all together.

4 Powerful Facebook Ads Targeting Options Are you making the most of Facebook’s powerful ad targeting options? See if you can up your social PPC game with these tips.

Facebook Launches 4 New Ecommerce Features Facebook is introducing new ways for online retailers to get their products discovered by more customers and increase sales.


Demystifying Connected TV for Media Buyers The phrase “Connected TV” and abbreviation “OTT” draws different emotions from media buyers. We hope to demystify Connected TV (CTV) as a whole and empower you to begin planning with success!

Learn to Valuate Display Advertising through Attribution Modelling How can my display advertising be valued from a different perspective? This and several more display attribution questions answered in this article.

Data Privacy

Google delays Chrome’s cookie-blocking privacy plan by nearly 2 years It takes time to fix privacy problems without hurting ad-dependent websites, the search giant says.

Ask the expert – Your top FLoC questions answered How Google is testing cohorts, what FLoC means for B2B and how it works with cross-device browsing

Finding Your Audience in a “Cookie-less” World The future of targeted marketing without cookies is here, and cookie-less platforms are only going to become more and more prevalent. This articles gives practical examples of how you will need to find audiences in our ever present cookie-less world.


6 Best Practices for Ecommerce A/B Tests Are you diving into the world of A/B testing? Running an A/B test can provide online business owners with valuable insights into what designs, headlines, placement, colours, and other variables their customers respond to the most. 

How to drive footfall to your shop through online marketing A range of strategies to help you turn local search interest into store visits, including Google My Business optimisation, attributing store visits to Google Ads campaigns, running local campaigns in Google Ads and using local inventory ads.

How Amazon Sellers Combat Rising Ad Costs

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