Clix Marketing’s #PPC News & Views: October 23, 2015

This Week in PPC News and ViewsHappy Friday, everyone, and welcome to this week’s edition of Clix Marketing Blog’s PPC News & Views.

From the Experts


5 Ways to Apply Google’s Customer Match:
A few weeks ago Google rolled out its new feature Customer Match. Acquisio has broken down great ways for marketers to use this new feature. 


Why Your Facebook Ads Shouldn’t Be Blue:

I’m blue da ba dee da ba die…Seriously, when you look at facebook there are shades of blue everywhere. AdEspresso discusses the psychology of different colors and how to get users attention. 


Holiday Marketeer: Your November Guide for Holiday SEM Ad Copy Optimization:
Are you planning for the holidays yet? This article dissects last years data with a well thought out plan for marketers preparing for the holiday season.


Think Like Google: How to Drive Profit with PPC Campaigns:
This article talks about how marketers should focus on profit instead of conversions. He outlines formulas and graphs to maximize profitability of your campaigns.

From the Engines

Google Adwords

What are people shopping for near your stores – and across America?

Bing Ads

Launched: Bing Ads Platform Health Updates

From the Clix Team

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