Clix Marketing Blog’s September Hotness: Top 5 Posts from September 2013

imgres-6Last month was the Clix Marketing Blog’s best month in, well, a seriously long time. First, we’d like to thank you for the growing support we’re feeling throughout the inter-webs and second, we’d like to recap some of the September hotness that was shared last month.

Here are the top five most popular posts from last month on the Clix Marketing Blog. Enjoy!

Doh! Little PPC Mistakes That Can Cause a Big Mess

Heather stole the show last month covering these basic, but potentially very messy mistakes than can bring your PPC performance down. Are you making any of these mistakes?

AdWords Quality Score: Hype, Changes, and Tracking Tools

Although Quality Score is widely accepted as an important metric in PPC, opinions vary as to it’s role in account optimization. This post covers opinions from around the industry, as well as giving a rundown of recent changes and quality score tracking tools available.

7 Quick Wins for SMB PPC Advertisers

Be honest, who doesn’t like quick wins? Don’t worry, John’s got you covered. Take a peak and make sure you’re competitors aren’t the only ones taking advantage of these tips.

You’re So Vain! Are You Guilty of Bidding on Vanity Keywords?

Vanity, like most things, has it’s time and place. And that place shouldn’t be in your PPC accounts. Check out Robert’s post to make sure you’re not wasting money on vanity keywords.

4 Things You Must Consider to “Always Be Testing” Properly

Always be testing is a very common phrase in the PPC industry, but just because you’re testing doesn’t mean you’re doing it right. Last month James gave four tips to make sure you’re testing for progress, not just for the sake of testing.


Thanks for reading! Here’s to next month being even better. Have a lovely October everyone!