Clix Marketing Blog’s Weekly #PPC News and Views: August 2, 2013

Welcome back to another edition of Clix Marketing’s weekly PPC News and Views! We hope everyone has got their July reporting under control and is ready to kick some butt in August. Hopefully this week’s list of articles will help you do just that!

Portent Interactive

Speaking of reporting, let’s get this party started off right. Having trouble with your monthly reporting? Don’t worry, Ryan Moothart at Pi has got you covered. The title says it all: Tell a Story: Making Reports Worth Everyone’s Time. If your reports end up looking like a downloaded file from AdWords, you should definitely read this article. Like, now.

Search Engine Watch

The majority of a PPC manager’s duties revolve around making advancements in an account. Whether it’s improving conversion rates, ROI, or some other important KPI, we generally focus on moving forward. This week on Search Engine Watch, Joe Kerschbaum reminds us about the other side of the coin: defending our campaigns from moving backwards. In his article, Joe talks about 7 factors that can impact your account negatively. Take a look and make sure you’re defending your account from these common problems.


The data fiends over at RKGBlog have done it again. After noticing a trend in a couple accounts, RKG’s search team has found that overall, Adwords Brand CPCs are On the Rise. In their article, George Michie and Rachel Schnorr give great background data as well as insights into what may have caused the trend. If you run brand campaigns, this post is definitely worth a read.

Clix Marketing

Online Marketing: The Only Thing Constant is Change. It’s a sentence in and of itself, and certainly rings true for the PPC industry. Dealing with changes in advertising options will always be a part of a PPC manager’s job. But being able to choose the new shiny advertising feature that’s right for your company/client can be the difference between a good and great PPCer. This week, John Lee here at the Clix Marketing blog has given five tips for evaluating new advertising changes and making the best decision for your accounts. Check it out!

PPC Hero

One of the new features within the AdWords system has been Mobile Preferred Ads. The question is, Do Mobile Preferred Ads Actually Prefer Mobile? The good news: Eric Couch over at PPC Hero has some initial data for us. Yay! The bad news: it’s not all good news. Head on over to the PPC Hero blog and check out Eric’s findings when comparing two different accounts. Very interesting stuff!


To round out today’s recap is Wordstream’s Complete Guide to Enhanced Sitelinks by Jason Gannon. And let me tell you, it’s complete. But in the best ways. In his guide, Jason walks through the changes to the new sitelinks, how to monitor their performance, as well as including some case studies and a personal opinion. This post is long, but definitely worth the read if you want to get the most out of the new Enhanced Sitelinks. Enjoy!

Well that wraps up another edition of PPC News and Views. Tune in next week for more exciting news, opinions, and tips from around the PPC industry. Have a wonderful weekend!