Clix Marketing Blog’s Weekly #PPC News and Views: July 12th, 2013

Welcome back friends! We’re back after a nice break for the holiday weekend. We hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July and are ready to kick some tail this month! We’ve got another great list of articles for you this week, so let’s get to it!

Practical Ecommerce

Google’s recent launch of the new Dynamic Remarketing Ads has got advertisers excited about the potential for their remarking campaigns. But with them being so new, it’s hard to know what to expect. Luckily, Matt Umbro from Exclusive Concepts has given us his 4 Lessons From Google’s Dynamic Remarketing Ads. In the article, he gives information about the campaign set up, conversion differences between customers, and compares dynamic remarketing performance to legacy remarketing campaign performance. Great stuff!

Search Engine Watch

Keeping in a remarketing kind of theme, let’s now just to Lisa Raehsler’s most recent SEW article: Google AdWords Remarketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSA): The Ultimate Guide. Like any good “ultimate guide”, Lisa covers all topics from background, to set up, to best practices for strategy and structure. Before you start your RLSA campaigns, give this post a read.

Clix Marketing

More often than not, the articles PPC experts read are about ways to get the most out of an account. Whether using a new beta, trying a new type of ad messaging, or getting your feet wet in automatic bidding, most of our focus is spent trying to make our clients happy. But what about the step before that. The step where you choose clients that want to work with you and will be a good match for your company. This week Mae Flint Polczynski has got you covered in Spotting the Succubus Client: How to Identify Rotten Potential Clients and Politely Turn Them Away. If you’re interested in saving your company time, money, and headaches, this is the article for you!

Search Engine Land

Frankly, the title says it all: Finally, Auto-Tag Bing Ads URLs for Google Analytics: Bizible Debuts Free Tool. In the preamble to the tool, Ginny Marvin states (and this author wholeheartedly agrees with her) that tracking Bing Ads campaigns in Google Analytics has been a pretty large headache up until this point. Luckily, our friends at Bizible have created a tool just for us frustrated advertisers; and it’s FREE! Check it out!


Automation in AdWords accounts can often be a pie in the sky idea. You know you want to use it, but don’t know exactly how, and don’t have the time to go figure it out. This week over on the ClickZ blog, Andrew Goodman gives 5 Insanely Great AdWords Automation Tricks. These are basic uses of filters, but could be extremely valuable to your account. Take a look and start automating your accounts!

Well that wraps up our list for this week. Tune in next week for more PPC goodness from around the industry!