Clix Marketing Blog’s Weekly #PPC News & Views: Feb 28, 2014

This Week in PPC News and ViewsGood morning everyone and welcome to this week’s PPC News and Views! Here’s this week’s list of posts we found interesting, helpful, noteworthy, or anything in between. Enjoy!

From the Experts

Raven Tools

How to Focus PPC Competitive Research for Better Results: Doing competitive research can be a great way to try and get ahead in PPC. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. This post outlines the pitfalls of relying on clients for info and tells how to complete competitive research on your own.


A/B Testing Best Practices Can Save You Time, Money and Effort – Here’s How: Just because you’re running landing page tests, doesn’t mean you’re doing it right. This post runs through a good list of best practices to ensure you’re testing often and fairly.


Are You Optimizing Your Campaigns to Death?: Although this post doesn’t exactly follow the title, it’s got some interesting data and ideas about having your top keywords in their own campaigns. Sometimes, AdWords can be pretty dumb.

White Shark Media

Typical Mistakes When Selecting Keywords For AdWords [Series]: Choosing keywords for your account is obviously very important and there are some pretty common pitfalls that can really hurt your campaigns. Check out Andrew Lolk’s list of pitfalls as well as advice on how to avoid them.


AdWords Audience Targeting Tips: Audience targeting is all the rage. And some argue it’s more powerful than keyword targeting. Check out this post to learn how to more effectively target your ideal audience using AdWords.

From the Engines

Google AdWords

A New Way to Count Conversion in AdWords: A few weeks ago, Google announced their new flexible conversion counting changes. This week, those changes took effect and are now live in your account. Check out the post to get the low down on what’s different and how it affects you and your accounts.

Google Analytics

8 Custom Reports from the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery: Who doesn’t love a post with lots of helpful content with a little help from the alphabet. No one I want to be friends with, that’s for sure. In this post, A, B, C, and D stand for Acquisition, Behavior, Conversion, and Diagnostics respectively and are given their own set of helpful reports in Analytics to improve your performance in each area. Definitely worth checking out.

New: AdWords Reports for App Download Campaigns: For those advertisers who drive customers to download mobile apps.

That’s all for this week folks. Come back next week to see what the experts and engines have to share. Who knows, maybe you’ll see your own post here!