Clix Marketing Blog’s Weekly #PPC News & Views: March 7, 2014

This Week in PPC News and ViewsGood morning everyone and welcome to this week’s PPC News and Views! Here’s this week’s list of posts we found interesting, helpful, noteworthy, or anything in between. Enjoy!

From the Experts


How to Not Blow $10,000 on Google AdWords – Part 1: They guys over at Kissmetrics put together a pretty awesome video outlining mistakes commonly made that waste ad spend. They identified 6 mistakes that can help you blow $10k on AdWords and they start to walk through what they are in part one of this series.

Beyond The Paid

The Importance Of The PPC Brain: Ha, this is a lighter post from Melissa Mackey about a thought that was sparked when she gave herself a concussion by whacking her head on her dresser. She took the time to share her experience and remind us just how important our brain power is in this space. Thanks Mel!

Search Engine Journal

How To Solve The Site Links AdWords Editor Bug: Here’s a good post on how to make your life easier when it comes to getting your sitelinks organized. If you’ve been pulling your hair out over how to efficiently work with sitelinks with the lack of AdWords Editor support, this post is for you.

PPC Hero

How to Structure Your Ad Budget to Include Social [Webinar Recording]: We also partnered with Hanapin Marketing this week to bring you a pretty awesome webinar on how to structure ad budgets to allow for social advertising. If you missed it, you can check out this recording to find out what you missed!

From the Engines

Google AdWords

Enforcement of Google Shopping unique product identifier requirements: Woah, Google’s putting the smack down on advertisers who do not comply with unique product identifier requirements. They announced the second round of crackdowns in this post. Better check your feeds!

Bing Ads

Bing Ads Reporting Series: Understanding the Share of Voice Report in Bing Ads: Bing Ads put out an awesome overview of their share of voice reports and how to use them this week. This post even goes into detail with example problems you can solve using the share of voice reports. Really good stuff from Bing!