Clix Marketing is Hiring! We’re Looking for an Awesome PPC Account Manager.

Clix Marketing needs to beef up our stellar PPC management team so that we can continue to provide super-awesome service and banging results for our amazing clients.

Are you an awesome PPC manager who knows AdWords and adCenter like the back of your hand, AND can rock social PPC like Facebook and LinkedIn like nobody’s business? Then you may be a good fit!

Hold On! Being a PPC master is a requirement – but that’s not all we’re looking for! We need someone who loves project management and client interaction as much as they love PPC. Our dream candidate will be able to analyze PPC accounts, assign tasks to the Clix Team, and review the completion of these tasks for accuracy and awesomeness.

What’s in it for you? A chance to work with and learn from the best. A virtual job – no moving required. A flexible work schedule. Competitive pay. Platforms to express yourself through blog posts and speaking gigs.

To get a better idea of what we’re looking for, check out the list of criteria below.

If this list describes you – contact us by email at Send us your resume and three reasons why we must absolutely hire you for the job.



  • Client communication: Communicate with clients on a daily basis via email and phone. Our objective is to provide excellent service and support through concise, timely correspondence.
  • Account analysis: Determine opportunities and challenges within PPC accounts by closely analyzing data and discovering performance trends.
  • Task implementation: Completing tactics within PPC accounts with a very high level of proficiency.
  • Project management: Upon reviewing data within PPC accounts, determine the tactics that need to be implemented by PPC team members and prioritize these tasks in order of importance.
  • Quality assurance: Review tasks completed by other PPC team members for accuracy and level of quality.
  • Thought leadership: Consistently bring new ideas to the PPC team for implementation within client accounts. This involves keeping up with industry announcements and trends, and deciding which new tactics/strategies are best for each client.
  • Ad copy writing: Write super-awesome PPC ad copy for clients. Review ads by other team members to make sure that their work is up to our high standards.
  • Conversion optimization (landing page mock-ups): Work with clients to determine strategies to improve conversion rates (lead generation and ecommerce).


  • Data friendly: You need to be able to sift through the overwhelming haystack of data to find the needles, those actionable insights that are the guiding force to optimizing accounts.
  • Creative thinking: Every client brings a swath of unique challenges and you need to think creatively in order to meet our monthly goals. This includes new ideas for accounts and creatively analyzing data in order to break new ground.
  • Self-motivated: Clix is a virtual working environment so this means there is no boss/manager/executive sitting in the next room looking over your shoulder to get projects completed – you need to be responsible for your time and get your tasks completed in a timely manner. Clix is a much more flexible working environment than most places, but we are also laser-focused on doing great work and serving as an industry leader.
  • Task focused: With a large stable of clients (and growing!) you need to be focused on accomplishing specific tactics, as well as making sure that other team members are accomplishing tasks, for each client every day.
  • Detail oriented: Every task that we complete for clients is highly sensitive, especially because everything we do is geared toward improving the performance of our PPC campaigns. However, with this level of detailed work, there are plenty of margins for error.
  • Inquisitive: You need to have a desire for continued self-development, and the development of others. You need to be the type of person who asks why and why not.
  • Verbal/Written communication: For any successful venture, clear communication is key. You need to have elevated communication skills – especially since we work in a virtual environment it’s mission critical to make sure everyone is on the same page, even at great distances.
  • Time management: As you can tell from the proceeding list, there is a lot going on with Clix and this position is mission critical. So, it’s extremely important that you have awesome time management capabilities in order to juggle the workload and not lose your mind

If this list describes you – contact us by email at Send us your resume and three reasons why we must absolutely hire you for the job.