Clix Marketing’s 2014 #PPC Wish List

christmas-gifts-7nvsev5r-1It’s that time of year again. Everyone is talking about what they want for Christmas or to come in the new year. So at Clix Marketing we’ve put together our own wishlist of items we’d love to have in our lovely world of PPC. So without further ado, here’s what we’re asking for this holiday season!

Amy Bishop

  • I wish there were more dimensions available for bid modifiers. For instance, if you could say “for this location, on this device, at this time, I will increase bids X%”.
  • I wish mobile only campaigns could be created for call-only campaigns without messy work-arounds. It would be helpful to be able to shut them off outside of call-center hours without shutting down desktop campaigns.
  • I wish LinkedIn ads Campaign Manager UI was more user-friendly. Period.

John Lee

  • My wish is that LinkedIn would pick up the development pace and give us audience creation/segmentation features (that’s why they bought Bizo, right?) and conversion tracking.
  • It’s a wish that has been wished a lot. SEARCH PARTNERS. GOOGLE. DATA. PLEASE. JUST DO IT. THANKS. BUHBYE.
  • I wish for higher adoption of tag managers. We’ve had a few clients go with Google Tag Manager and the ease at which we are able to make code changes is a breath of fresh air.

Robert Brady

  • I wish BingAds had more search volume. I like the direction they’ve been going with more partnerships and I hope they can continue to land them.
  • I wish LinkedIn Ads would get their crap together. Start with native conversion tracking, then work on bulk upload/edit, and add some decent report generating to get to bare bones. They made $568 MILLION in Q3 so surely they can check the couch cushions for a couple million to spend on improving the ad platform.
  • I wish AdWords had an “evangelist” like John Gagnon to attend events & be a spokesperson for the platform.

Michelle Morgan

  • I wish Google Analytics was able to track Bing Ads impressions, clicks, spend, etc. the way AdWords seamlessly translates. I really like using GA for my ecom account optimizations (better revenue tracking) and wish it were easier to use it for Bing as well.
  • I wish for social to become a better source of end conversions. To date, social has been great for brand awareness and community building, but I hope it continues on it’s current path and can become a more dependable source of leads/sales similar to the way search is.
  • Finally, a Bing Ads editor for Mac. Honestly, at this point it feels a bit like continuously asking for a pony, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still want it and it isn’t possible.

What’s on your PPC wish list? Share yours in the comments!