Clix Marketing’s #PPC News & Views: Aug 21, 2015

This Week in PPC News and ViewsGood Friday friends and welcome to this week’s edition of the Clix Marketing Blog’s PPC News & Views!

From the Experts


How to Know if a Prospect is Ready for PPC: Many advertising platforms have presented their tools as “so easy anyone can use them!”, but is that really what should be the deciding factor of whether a business gets into PPC? It’s easy enough? This article definitely argues no, and it’s music to many pros ears. Check out the article to know when it might be better to just say no.

PPC Hero

The Impact of Google’s July 2015 Quality Score Change: In July, Google announced that all new keywords would be defaulted to a QS of 6. Sounds like an easy enough thing, right? There might be more to it than that. Check out the post to see why your overall quality scores might take a hit, and why your CPCs might start to head in the other direction.

Marketing Land

5 Steps to Finding Hidden Website Optimization Gems: It’s widely known that you should always be testing on your website. But what’s not always known is what to test. Or what to test first. This article will run you through a bit of both and help make that transition into regular testing just that much easier.

Search Engine Land

The Key To Optimizing Non-Branded Paid Search Campaigns: Non-brand campaign optimizing is becoming an increasingly popular goal in PPC at the moment. Companies know they can deliver on their brand terms, but non-brand profitability is proving to be harder to come by. Check out this article to get some tips on how to make those more general terms profitable.

From the Engines

Google AdWords

Introducing automated extensions for shopping ads (PLAs)

Bing Ads

Create campaign alerts with Notify Me Automated Rules

Twitter Ads

Increase your reach on and off Twitter with the Twitter Audience Platform

From the Clix Team

DIY Marketers

Getting Local with AdWords by Robert Brady

Clix Marketing

PPC Efficiency Tip: The 3 Ds: by Robert Brady

Tips for Search Query Analysis and Negative Keywords: by Andrea Taylor

6 Things CMOs Should Know About PPC: by Michelle Morgan