Coffee & Catch Up on #PPC With Clix Marketing: Monday, January 31, 2022

Happy final day of January, friends! We can’t believe the first month of the year has already came & went.

There was no shortage of new content over the last week, so let’s hop in!

From the Experts

Paid Search

Gmail campaigns to stop running on June 28: Nearly a year after the campaigns became ‘read-only’, the campaigns will now stop running later this year.

New Google mobile search feature: People Search Next: Google has a new mobile search feature that is meant to “help people more easily get to and see popular next searches based on what they’re searching”.

tCPA may not be going away (yet), but it should: Why it’s time to embrace value-based bidding: If tCPA went away, would you be in trouble? While this isn’t going away in 2022, this might be a good time to start value-based bidding, just in case.

Google kills FLoC, introduces Topics API as its next-gen targeting techThis update will use topics of interest, based on the user’s browsing history, without involving external servers. There will reportedly be a developer trial of Topics in Google Chrome soon.

Level-Up your PPC forecasting with free modeling tools for Excel: If you’re looking for new ways to forecast your campaigns, these tools (complete with video walkthroughs) can definitely help!

Google tests favicons in text adsThey’re favicons, not emojis! Google confirmed that they’re running a small experiment to see if ads with favicons are favored. Based on what we’ve seen with emojis in Facebook Ads, they definitely are.

Google Analytics 4 Transition Checklist: As you begin the switch from Universal Analytics to GA4, here is a great checklist to make sure nothing is left behind.


Smart Shopping and Local campaigns to be transitioned to Performance Max by end of SeptemberIt’s happening. Time to start testing Performance Max if you haven’t already.

Everything You Need to Know About Walmart’s Demand-Side Platform (DSP) [in Partnership with The Trade Desk]: If you’re thinking about starting with Walmart’s DSP, this post outlines everything you should know about the Walmart + The Trade Desk partnership as well as the benefits and capabilities for the new tool.


10 Creative Whitepaper Ideas to Score Big With Your B2B Audience: Content is a very important part of the funnel. These creative ideas for whitepapers can help your B2B clients step up their game!

Paid Social

Social media marketers need fresh tactics for posting on CTV apps: Connected TV apps are a different beast than mobile-first social media and marketers need to treat them as such.

The 8 Most Important Social Media Trends to Watch for in 2022: These trends are very important for advertisers who are utilizing social this year.

From the Engines


Get ready for Smart Shopping and Local campaign upgrades


Level up your digital strategy with more visual storytelling


Now’s Your Chance to Tap Into 2022 Instagram Trends


Introducing TikTok Instant Page: Streamline the customer journey with lightning-fast experience


Top 5 Emerging B2B Software Marketing Trends for 2022


Introducing Catalog-Powered AR Shopping Lenses

From the Clix Team

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