Do You Know About Pinterest’s New Advertiser Incentives?

I just learned yesterday that Pinterest is offering advertisting incentives for first time advertisers in preparation for the 4Q holiday season. This is the first time they have ever done this. So, if you or one of your clients was thinking about adding Pinterest to your efforts this month, one of their new incentives could get you $5,000 in free ad spend. You’ll have to move quickly though if you want to qualify, so let’s get to the details.

USA Quick Start Advertising Incentive

This is the incentive that would apply for advertisers focused in the US only. The goal is to help new advertisers gain key learnings before the holiday season hits so they can use their incentive earnings for Black Friday efforts. You can earn $5,000 in bonus media spend for every $20,000 in spend for up to $100,000 in ad spend with a$20,000 total bonus cap.

Criteria to Qualify

  1. Advertiser is brand new to Pinterest Ads OR hasn’t had any media spend in 2Q or 3Q 2019.
  2. Geography targets US markets only.
  3. Spend starts by 10/15/19 and delivers by 11/15/19.
  4. Spend is incremental to what would have occurred in absence of program.

Other October Pinterest Ads Incentives

  1. International Quick Start – This almost mirrors the US Quick Start incentive, except for the international markets in which the Advertiser is targeting must not have had any media spend in 2Q or 3Q 2019.
  2. International Quick Scale – This one offers $25,000 bonus media for each $75,000 of incremental spend (up to $300K) in certain countries including Canada, France, and Australia (among others).
  3. Shopping + Dynamic Retargeting Booster – This last incentive offers $5,000 bonus media for each $25,000 of incremental spend (up to $250K) to boost shopping and dynamic retargeting efforts for existing advertisers.

Why Is Pinterest Offering These?

In my opinion, these incentives show that Pinterest wants a bigger piece of the ad spend pie from large advertisers. They are willing to give a large amount of bonus media spend back to prove their value for the upcoming holiday season so that large advertisers keep their ad spend with Pinterest and not divert it anywhere else. In a way, it’s to help advertisers ramp up and gain key learnings in time for Black Friday through Cyber Monday ads. If you’re interested in any of these incentives, reach out to your Pinterest rep ASAP as you don’t have a lot of time before they begin.

Also, just a side note that Pinterest isn’t the only one who has been offering incentives. I’ve been receiving numerous emails from Facebook to receive $100 for new campaign creation (for clients who haven’t been active recently) or $100 to create an experiment. To me, these are much more valuable for my clients since there isn’t a spend threshold that is way beyond the level of most advertisers.

Have you seen other incentives to promote ad spend in 4Q from any other channels? Are you trying any out? Comment below to let all of us know!