Excellent Resources to Expand Your Excel Knowledge

excel_2013-3e7309ea2dbd8944be164009d840feaeTo manage PPC accounts, excel is a must and something we use every single day to manage data. Excel helps to cut through the exuberant amount of data we work with daily to see trends and tell stories to clients. This great tool becomes even more powerful when you learn more about it. With Excel 2013 and now Excel 2016 there are great new features to help with your data analysis. Here are some resources to help you learn more:

YouTube Channels

Excel TV

Excel TV is a weekly Google hangout chat with Excel bloggers, trainers and authors. They have a ton of videos that they edit down for easy tips and tricks as well as some great playlists. Also, they do a weekly challenge for listeners. This is a great place to learn from the experts and the lastest news.

Excel is Fun

Excel is Fun has a huge resource of over 2,000 videos with everything from basic to advanced techniques. They also offer downloads of excel files with every video for you to practice and follow along with. The have playlists that are formatted as classes. This is definitely a place to go if you are trying to expand your skill set.


This channel is all about Excel charts. He has videos on formatting, dashboards, pivot charts and more. You can also download his workbooks from his blog. This is a great resource for anyone from beginner to more advanced


If you are looking for tips to read casually and distract you from the work you really need to get done then Twitter is the way to go. Both How to Excel at Excel and Excel Zoom are great twitter account that are actively promoting their knowledge and blog posts.


Excel Daily News

They have a daily update of articles, videos and more. They have tons of content from multiple blogs on everything excel and they also include what’s trending on for science, technology and business.

Microsoft Excel Blog

This is a great resource of the most recent updates, new features and changes happening in Excel. With the addition of 2016, it’s good to keep up with all the changes and new powerful features that will help you manage data faster.

If you are a true excel nerd and want to learn even more, there are two excel summits happening in 2016. Excel Summit South is in March in Australia and the Amsterdam Excel Summit is in May 2016. There is no doubt that PPC managers need excel everyday. I hope you learn something from these valuable resources.