Our Favorite PPC Tasks

Here at Clix, even our account managers are in accounts day-in and day-out, making changes and carrying out account optimizations. We all have our strengths, weaknesses, favorite tasks, and tasks we don’t enjoy as much.

We thought we would share our favorite PPC tasks with you today!

Bethany Bey

My favorite PPC task is reviewing search term reports. I’ve always found it interesting, and oftentimes entertaining, to see exactly what people are searching for on Google. I can also see the way our interaction with Google has evolved over the last 10 years I’ve been working in PPC based on the changes in the search terms.

For example, there are a lot fewer people naming Google specifically in their search whereas near the beginning of my career you would see people searching as if Google was a person they were asking a question to directly. 

Tim Jensen

 I enjoy delving into PPC data in Google Analytics. Looking at what your paid visitors are doing beyond the ad click is crucial to understanding the full picture of how your brand is resonating with them. Reviewing engagement data, page paths, audience demographics, browser/device tech, and other data can help to diagnose pain points to address. And a part of me enjoys falling into a rabbit hole geeking out while diagnosing tracking setup issues.

Kristin Palmer

It’s important to recognize how you’re wired to know which task just comes easiest to you and you enjoy the most.  For me, that means my favorite PPC task is ad copywriting.  I enjoy thinking through new ad copy tests, especially to gain insights into how an audience responds to new messages, CTAs, etc. It becomes a personal challenge to figure out what I can do for each additional test and new ways to write new variants. For some people, they just struggle, but this one flows easily for me every time.

Abby Woodcock

I love reviewing performance data and optimizing campaigns to improve efficiency. Whether it be reviewing placement performance on social channels, adding bid modifiers on Search campaigns, pausing underperforming ads and launching new tests, setting up new experiments to test different bidding strategies, alternate landing pages, etc I just love seeing the positive impact of optimizations on campaign performance. 

Joe Martinez

I love researching new targeting options. Expanding to other channels beyond Google and Facebook is something I strongly believe in doing. There are so many ways we can reach our target audience. And each paid channel has unique targeting options that the other channels don’t offer. It’s finding the nuggets that you know will just crush it that makes the job a lot of fun. It really is like treasure hunting sometimes. 

Michelle Morgan

My favorite part of the PPC process is taking a specific call to action and developing a multi-channel strategy to support it. I like thinking about how a specific piece will perform on Facebook vs. Microsoft and identifying the different targeting tactics we should use to reach the most relevant audience. 

Andrea Taylor

My favorite task is competitor analysis (I wrote about my favorite tips in July 2020) . I like researching what other companies are doing to find new ways for our clients to reach their goals. Updates in the recent years have made competitor research in Facebook and LinkedIn even easier.

What is your favorite task? We’d love to hear in the comments below.