Get Familiar with Quora Lead Gen Forms

On July 22, 2020, Quora for Business announced lead gen forms were out of beta and available for all advertising accounts. The Clix team was lucky enough to get into the beta right when it was available, and we have seen some great results so far.

I want to show you how to set up lead gen forms in Quora as well as some initial results we are seeing for one of our clients. 

Setting Up Quora Lead Gen Forms

When you are within the core Ads Manager platform, we’re going to need to create a new campaign. The reason for this is that there are specific campaign objectives that you need to select before creating a campaign in Quora. This process is very similar to all of the other PPC channels using campaign objectives. 

After you have chosen the lead generation objective, select your daily maximum budget, then we can click Continue.

Next, you can work on creating your ad set just as you would any other ad set you would create. You can still utilize all the great targeting options that Quora has within their platform. Besides targeting options, you can also use the same location, device, and exclusion settings all of the other ad sets offer. 

After your targeting is in place, we can go on to the ad creation portion of the setup. Just like the other parts of your ad set creation, your ad options are exactly the same. You still need to set up a text or image ad first. This is because the lead gen form is an add-on component to your main ad. 

To create an ad in Quora, you need the following components: 

  • Business Name
  • Headline – Up to 65 characters long and must have proper capitalization and punctuation.
  • Body Text – Up to 105 characters long and must have proper capitalization and punctuation.
  • Call-to-Action – Chosen from the options in the drop-down menu. 
  • Image – Recommended minimum size: 600 x 335 pixels. Not needed if you’re only running Text Ads, but we highly recommend adding one for higher CTRs. 
  • Company Logo

Below the ad portion, we can begin creating our first form. As you keep creating forms, you can choose a form from a list of all the forms you have created. This can save you a lot of time in the future because you do not have to create a new form every time. But for this post, I’m going to create a new form.

Advertisers have the ability to choose which form fields they would like attached to their lead gen form. After naming the form, advertisers will first set up their offer headline. Similar to when you’re creating an ad within Quora, you will need to end your offer with some sort of punctuation. Next, we can go down to the actual form fields. 

First name and last name are mandatory, and that’s going to pull from the user’s Quora profile. The Email field is automatically going to be checked, but that is still in Optional form field. The Email field will also be pulled from the user’s Quora profile. If you do not want the user’s personal email address, you do have the option to ask for the Business Email. This would force the user to enter that in themselves. Advertisers then have the opportunity add these additional fields to their forms:

  • Job Title
  • Company Name
  • Company Size
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Zip Code

Next, you will need to add a link to your website’s Privacy Policy. This is a mandatory step, and it is always necessary to tell users how you are going to use the information you are collecting from them. Before moving on to the next step, you can preview how your ad and your lead gen form will look on both mobile and desktop devices. If everything looks good, we can move on to setting up the Confirmation Message. 

After a user has submitted the form, what message do you want to put in front of that user to set up the proper expectations on what will happen next? You can use the Confirmation message field to let the user know you received their request. You can also use the form field to confirm how long it’ll take for your team to get back in touch with them. If you’re promoting a whitepaper, you can then use this message to send users to a link where they can download the whitepaper because you can choose a relevant CTA message and send users back to your website to continue engaging with your brand. And once again, you can see how the form submission confirmation looks from a desktop and then from mobile devices. If everything looks good, you can save the form and complete your campaign set up.

Downloading Your Leads 

Let’s pretend our campaign is live, and we want to see if we have any leads submitted from this new campaign. When you’re back in the main interface, you can click on “Lead gen” in the top navigation. Here will be a list of all the forms that you have created and how many leads have been generated from that form in the entire lifetime. Advertisers will then have the ability to download an Excel file with all the form fields from that specific form. 

The Excel file will have the date the lead was submitted, the campaign name, the campaign ID, ad set name, ad set ID, ad name, ad ID, and then all of the form field inputs from whichever options you added to your form. Besides the Excel download, you can see in the image above Quora now has the option to use Zapier to transfer leads directly to your CRM. This makes lead transfer a lot more convenient, and you will avoid the chance of delayed follow-ups if you forget to manually check on the leads. 

What Results Are You Seeing So Far from Quora Lead Gen Forms?

The first client we tested lead forms with had an aggregate CPA of $100 across all channels. We were already using Facebook and LinkedIn lead gen forms and were seeing CPAs around the $100 mark as well. So when we first tested out lead gen forms in beta, we used $100 as our goal CPA. After the first month of running lead form ads on Quora, the average CPA was $48. Since then, we have seen CPAs go down to as low as $5. This is much cheaper than what we can get on other channels. 

If you are already using lead gen forms in other PPC channels, you have to try them on Quora. When you use the specific targeting options Quora has that cannot be found in other channels, and then add on the lower competition and CPCs on the channel, you may just have your new favorite lead generating platform.

Have you tested Quora Lead Gen Forms? We’d love to hear about your results in the comments below!