Goodbye, Content Advertising; Hello, Profitable PPC

Last week Search Engine Watch published the 30th and final installment of my weekly Content Advertising column. If you missed any of it, and are still in the dark on how to get double-digit CTRs and conversion rates from your campaigns on Google’s Content Network: no worries, because the entire series is archived here.

Next week (7 July) I’m launching a new weekly column on SEW called Profitable PPC. The series will aim to be the definitive soup-to-nuts guide to building and optimizing successful PPC advertising campaigns. I’ll start with the fundamentals: campaign structure, keyword research, ad writing and testing – and then move to intermediate and advanced topics. Even if you’re already a PPC expert, you’ll want to follow along to pick up a tip or two. Get each weekly installment via email by subscribing here.

Since we continue to do research into Content Network advertising, I’ll be posting regularly on that topic here in the Clix Marketing blog.