Last Week in PPC News and Views: May 25th 2010

This Week in PPC News and ViewsThe month of May is quickly drawing to a close, but PPC bloggers are not slowing down one bit. Last week was another great one for fresh PPC content from around the blogosphere. Here is what you may have missed:

  • Post Click Marketing Blog: Have you paid attention to the behavioral analytics trends on your website? “Behavioral analytics is the part of Web analytics that tells you more than just the who and the when, but the how, why and what.” A must read for everyone with PPC conversion growth goals.
  • Search Engine Guide: Assumptions are a bad thing when managing PPC. This post highlights the super-important point that data, not assumptions, should dictate PPC strategy. Despite all of the great tools and resources out there, you won’t really know how your keywords, ads, etc. will perform until they are put to the test – and tested again.
  • PPC Hero: We all know it happens – PPC traffic patterns can change. But how do you plan for and stay ahead of these performance shifts? PPC Hero makes some good suggestions in this post ranging from looking at your own historical data to keeping tabs on what your competitors are doing.
  • BG Theory: Remarketing from Google AdWords is a great new targeting feature that is becoming more and more important to PPC advertisers. Brad Geddes breaks down one his own Remarketing campaigns to explain objectives and how exactly he set it up. A MUST READ!
  • WordStream: I know what you’re going to say, “not another list of tools!” Well, I’m going to share it anyways. Christine at WordStream put together a list of 13 tools for PPC advertisers. How this list differs is that it includes obvious choices like the AdWords keyword tool and some great underdogs like the Microsoft adCenter Demographics Prediction tool. All of the tools on this list are worth your time to mine great data for your PPC campaigns.
  • PPC Hero: In a post geared for advertisers who manage multiple PPC accounts in a team environment (agency or other), Jessica shares with us some tips and tricks to maintain organization and communication. The most important tip? Keep a log of your changes in a place where the entire team can access that info.
  • Click Equations: Craig at Click Equations elaborated on the idea of “living with low Quality Score” based on questions from last week’s SMX Advanced conference. He explains some of the finer points of Quality Score-minded PPC management. My personal favorite is the example of B2B keywords where the ad is written to pre-qualify the click versus targeting the keyword for Quality Score – in the end finding the perfect customer is the higher priority.
  • Inside AdWords: The new Ad Extensions in AdWords are great, but most of us have found them to be tedious to manage and maintain. Google made our lives a little bit easier last week by adding a new Ad Extensions tab that culls all of that data into one place in the AdWords interface. Whoohoo!
  • adCenter Blog: Relatively speaking, Content ads in Microsoft adCenter are still new. This post is a great primer on the differences between Search and Content ads in adCenter and how to manage them.