LinkedIn Now Allows You To Edit Sponsored Content

by | Feb 9, 2018 | LinkedIn Ads | 1 comment

LinkedIn Ads are great for B2B marketing. They have excellent targeting for business-related personas (i.e. job titles, seniority, company, industry, company size, etc.) and with over 300 million users, advertisers have a large potential audience to reach. The platform still has some features we wish they’d add, but they just checked a helpful one off the list.

You Can Now Edit Sponsored Content

To see the functionality yourself, navigate to an active Sponsored Content campaign in your LinkedIn Ads account. Click on the ads tab at the top and you’ll see this:

Yep, that little pencil next to each ad lets you edit anything you want; name, description, headline, image, the post. This is a great new feature and I’m excited to see it in my accounts.

What To Watch Out For

While it will be easy to edit your sponsored content, there still may be some downside here. LinkedIn is notorious about deciding the winning ad in a campaign very quickly. If you go and make edits on your champion it could reset the quality score back to new status and wreck your history. I don’t know yet, but I’ll let you know what I learn.

Until then, enjoy the simplicity of editing a sponsored content ad in LinkedIn instead of having to duplicate them ad nauseam.