Multi-Channel Series Part 3: Email & Paid Campaigns

This is the third post in a series discussing how PPC can work with your other marketing channels. Check out Part 1: Social and Part 2: Offline & Online to get caught up!

Dogs Sharing a StickEmail marketing is a great medium to reach your target audience where they check their mail. PPC ads are a great way to reach your audience where they are on the web. But just because they operate in different ways, doesn’t mean that they can’t work together. Below are a few of the ways we like to use email and PPC strategy to achieve a shared goal.

Shared Learnings

Headline Testing

Both email and paid ads benefit from eye catching and meaningful headlines. If one works well for email, give it a shot in a paid ad. If you have an ad that consistently out performs the rest, give the ad text a shot as an email headline to those users deemed in a similar funnel position to online searchers. Those key 95 characters might be the perfect subject line to see in an inbox

Landing Pages

Similar to headlines, if it works in one place, give it a shot in the other. As PPC pros we’re constantly testing landing pages, but also conversion action with different copy. Depending on your email campaign’s goals, give your PPC landing pages a shot as your email lander. Or vice versa.

Expand Email Lists with Soft Conversions

Depending on your service or product, the sales funnel might be fairly long. For items that require a large amount of company buy in (a new company wide software), a large personal investment (a new car), etc., it’s beneficial for you and your potential customers to provide them a softer conversion action than buy today. I doubt many people want to buy a car online anyway.

These users are going to do their fair share of research and most likely reach out for more info when moving closer to purchase. If you’re able to provide that info and get an email in return, you’ll be on your way to getting that customer through your funnel and building a more robust list to take advantage of later.

Reengage and Expand Using Social Media

Once you’ve generated a list of email addresses it’s very easy to target those users across social media channels. Both Twitter and Facebook have a Custom Audience targeting setting allowing you to sync your email list with theirs and target users accordingly.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Expand your reach by creating a lookalike audiences using user data from Facebook and Twitter. They scan the audience list you gave them, then look to find other users with similar behaviors to yours on their platforms.


Message Continuity in Remarketing

One of the great benefits of Google remarketing is that you can segment audiences by the page of your site they hit. By segmenting those users who hit an email only landing page, you can then craft your remarketing messaging to mirror that of your email campaign. If you offer a 15% off discount in your email, creating an audience allows you to easily repeat the 15% off discount to those users around the web.

With new targeting options and tools coming out every day, the interactions between these two channels are constantly evolving.

What ways do your email and PPC campaigns mingle? Share with us in the comments!