New Features Announced for Quora Ads

Last week, I hosted an SEMrush webinar on finding relevant traffic with Quora Ads. In the middle of the webinar Quora Evangelist, JD Prater, announced some new features for the platform. One feature was secretly live already while the other will be coming out very soon. Let’s go over what’s new in Quora Ads.

Advertisers Can Now Set Up Custom Conversions

Finally! Instead of just having to use the generic conversion event within the platform, advertisers can now add up to ten custom conversions. In order to do this, you must have the base Quora pixel installed. Once the pixel is in place, head over to the Pixels and Conversions tab in the Quora Ads Manager.

quora pixels and conversions

Once you are on the page, you can then click the + Create Conversion button on the right-hand side of the page to start building out your new conversions.

quora custom conversions

The Name, Category, and URL Event fields are mandatory while the Description portion of the set up is optional. If you have created conversions in Google Analytics, Facebook, Bing Ads, or LinkedIn, this is pretty self explanatory. I cannot confirm if ten is the maximum amount of custom conversions you can create, but anytime I tried to do more I get an error. Let’s not worry about that though. The important thing here is we now have the ability to add several conversions without having to rely on one generic event.

Keyword Targeting is Coming to Quora Ads

This update is in “coming soon” status. But soon we’ll be able to target keywords that are relevant to your business based on the content of the page even if that keyword is not part of a question. This could be really helpful for niche industries who aren’t finding topics on Quora with consistent traffic. Advertisers will soon have the option to go after certain keywords across the entire Quora platform.

quora ads keyword targeting

During the webinar, JD Prater did say keyword targeting was “hopefully” going to be live this week, but at the time of this post, I’m not seeing the targeting option available yet. Keep checking because I do know it will be live very soon.

I’m Sure More Will Be Coming

Those are the only two updates we have from Quora right now, but I can pretty much guarantee more will be on the way. This channel improves so fast! It was just back in October when Quora announced three new betas, and now we already got two more. Expect much more to come from this platform in 2019.