New Quora Ads Targeting Options Recently Announced

October has been a busy month for Quora Ads. This month isn’t even half over and already two new features have been announced. I want to quickly go over what the new features are, where to find them when creating your ad sets, and how they differ from the current targeting options. Let’s begin!

Demographic Targeting

On October 1st, Quora announced Gender Targeting. This feature is great for marketers who have products geared towards a specific gender. Right now, I have a client who has a product that is successful with mothers. While we are already targeting topics, interests, and keywords related to motherhood, we can now choose to make our campaigns more specific and just test the female demographic. To find the new gender targeting option, you can go into your ad sets and continue to use the same targeting options you already have. Once you pass the device and email settings, you will see the optional element to choose which genders you may want to target.

quora demographic targeting

By default, all genders are selected. But marketers can choose to target females, males, or unknown. Unknown is an option when Quora cannot infer what the user’s gender is. Quora does clarify that, “At this time, employment, housing, and credit targeting within the US are not eligible for gender targeting.” So this targeting option may not be applicable to every account. If you can use this feature, you now have the ability to change your ad message and ad creative to better speak to a more specific audience.

Keyword History Targeting

Keyword targeting is already a feature within Quora Ads. Users can use broad and phrase match keywords to target users on questions and answers that contain content matching to their targeted keywords. Keyword History targeting is different. Announced on October 9th, Quora confirmed Keyword History targeting allows advertisers to target users who have previously read questions or answers containing these keywords. To clarify, let’s compare the keyword targeting options in Quora to other targeting options. Keyword targeting is comparable to Topic targeting in that you are capturing users on those questions and answers at that moment. Keyword History targeting is comparable to Interest targeting in that users have showed intent at some point in the past. This is why the new Keyword History option falls under the Behavioral Targeting area in your ad sets

quora keyword history targeting

Just like the basic Keyword targeting option, we can still go after broad and phrase match keywords. We can also include keyword exclusions (negative keywords) within the ad set targeting to better control the targeting option. What’s new with this Keyword History option is we can set a historical window up to 30 days. This keeps the historical intent fairly recent so you’re not targeting users who may have landing on a question years ago.

Now since Keyword History targeting has a major difference over the Gender targeting. Gender targeting is an additional layer of targeting to your primary ad set targeting. Keyword History targeting is a primary ad set targeting option. This means you cannot change any current, live ad sets to this new targeting option. You will have to create a new ad set and set Keyword History as the primary targeting option.

Are More Features Coming?

Of course there are! Quora is constantly releasing new features and planning what they can do next to enhance the advertising platform. Be on the look out for more to come (like lead gen ads) in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy testing out these new targeting options to better reach your desired customer.

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