[New Series] Get Your Time Back: A Little PPC Automation Goes A Long Way

Do you ever wish for a little more time to carry out your everyday PPC tasks? Or wish that there was a way to use less brain power, time and man hours but not fully automate all of your accounts? Here at Clix, we are always aiming to find new, efficient ways to carry out our regular tasks while saving valuable time and still getting great results for our clients. Over the next two weeks, we will be sharing our favorite ways to utilize automation while not just “setting it and forgetting it.”

Join us July 25 through August 4 as we outline our favorite ways to save time pulling projections, utilize automated bidding, simplify ad reviews and more!

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Get Your Time Back: Leverage Automated Bidding Strategies

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Save Time: Automate Your Ad Reviews [Free Tool]

What are your favorite ways to save time on your PPC accounts? We’d love to hear your tips and read your posts about ways you simplify your account management. Leave your favorites in the comments!