Last Week in PPC News and Views: May 3, 2010

This Week in PPC News and ViewsMany of you are avid followers of David Szetela’s Twitter stream. Every day he tweets 15-30 great links to PPC and online advertising news and how-to articles. We have been publishing a daily digest of each day’s Tweets here on the Clix Marketing Blog each day. That said, we realize that reading PPC news updates a la @Twitter #style isn’t for everyone. So as one of many exciting changes to the Clix Marketing Blog, it will be my pleasure to bring you the best of the previous week’s PPC news and resources in one consolidated blog post.

Here’s the first “Last Week in PPC News and Views” entry:

  • PPC Blog – This week Giovanna broke down common issues that lead to shopping cart abandonment. Yes folks, PPC is more than keywords, bids and ads. These 8 tips will help you to sniff out issues in your shopping cart and fix them to improve conversion rates.
  • – Andrew Goodman has been on a roll, and he qualified for a two-for-one spot on today’s list. The first mention is for his recap of the new AdWords Certification program. Andrew breaks down many of the differences between the old and new certification programs as well as adding commentary on how this move proves Google’s dedication to advertising agencies. Not to be outdone,  Andrew also continued his discussion on the new Twitter advertising model. In short – Twitter ad potential is huge!
  • AdWords Agency Blog As previously mentioned, Google announced a new AdWords Certification program. This post goes into detail on how the individual and agency certification processes will change. A must read for anyone (or any agency) interested in keeping current certifications.
  • RKG Blog – Of all the blogs that discuss PPC, the Rimm Kaufman Group is always at the top of the heap with in-depth analysis and data-driven commentary. This week they broke down Google’s new Product Extensions for AdWords ads. The open and click-through rate data is interesting, but the most important part? “The Fix” – which is a great find. If you want your company name to appear with your Product Extension ads, it better be under 20 characters (change this in your Google Merchant Center account).
  • PPC HeroTrack revenue in AdWords. Yes, you read that right. Jen at PPC Hero explains how to leverage the newest conversion tracking tech from Google to pull revenue data into your AdWords reports. If you haven’t done this yet – read this post and do it now!
  • Post Click Marketing BlogLanding pages and conversion optimization are vital to PPC success. The Post Click folks are experts in this field. Their advice this week should be a mantra for ALL PPC advertisers: “…ensure cohesion between your ads and your landing pages.” This post outlines basic questions to ask yourself before creating a landing page to ensure you do just that.
  • Search Engine Guide – Mike Fleming’s post on keywords this week struck on one of my personal beliefs: broad match isn’t evil. Gasp! Mike posits that you can actually use broad match as another form of keyword research. With careful review of your search query reports, great keywords will emerge that neither you or a keyword research tool could have come up with.
  • Inside AdWords – If you pay attention to the near weekly announcements coming from Google, you are aware that they have been creating some exciting new ad formats for AdWords. The Inside AdWords blog points us to an introductory video to many of these new ad formats and also points us to their Ad Innovations site for future announcements.