The Clix Marketing Blog’s Weekly #PPC News and Views for June 28th, 2010

The Clix Marketing Blog's Weekly #PPC News and ViewsWell folks, June is almost behind us. Hopefully this month has been productive and profitable for you and your PPC campaigns! In that spirit, it is time to start preparing to make July even more successful. To help you out, here are this past week’s latest and greatest PPC articles.

  • PPC Blog: Whether you manage PPC for yourself or for others, there is a very clear process to be followed. This piece from the PPC Blog describes essential best-practices for successful PPC project management.
  • WordStream: Keyword tools are essential for PPC, but most of them lack in one major area: negative keywords. Last week, WordStream announced their newest freebie – the Negative Keyword Tool. Use this tool to find irrelevant variations of your PPC keywords, and you can even search based on match types (broad, phrase, exact). Check it out!
  • Inside AdWords: Google made a pair of announcements last week. The first was that Sitelinks are now available for any campaign. The second announcement is that Google plans to remove the Report Center from AdWords. That’s not to say that the reports themselves won’t be there, but instead of being found in a central location – report functionality will be placed within the actual management interface to “combine insights and control.”
  • Marketing Tech Blog: Facebook advertising is still a relatively new frontier for most advertisers. But as this article shows, many of us are finding great results. While you may not get a 400% acquisition increase, you will surely be able to find highly targeted, qualified traffic for your sites.
  • Search Engine Land: In another solid post in the “PPC Academy” column, Josh Dreller explains two tactics for PPC copywriting. The first section regarding what, exactly, must be in a great PPC ad is spot on and must-have information for PPC advertisers. The second on DKI is questionable, but still valuable.