The Clix Marketing Blog’s Weekly #PPC News and Views for June 14th, 2010

The Clix Marketing Blog's Weekly #PPC News and ViewsGreetings PPC friends! In case you have forgotten to check your blog reader, the last week has been full of helpful articles and a few exciting announcements from Google AdWords. Here is just a taste of what the PPC world had to offer in the last week:

  • Search Engine Land: Many of us know the struggles that come along with managing B2B PPC campaigns. They are traditionally high maintenance and more to the point, high CPC endeavors. This article by Andy Komack offers 6 ways to overcome those high CPCs ranging from Quality score tactics to who and how you pay for PPC management.
  • Inside AdWords: A few months back, Google started BETA testing a program that put more in depth AdWords reports directly in the Google Analytics interface. On the 7th, they announced that this program is now available to all AdWords advertisers who are using Google Analytics!
  • Search Engine Watch: The search marketing industry (as with most industries) goes through cycles of buzz words and hot topics. In the PPC space right now, the buzz word is “remarketing” (AKA retargeting). But don’t think that just because it’s a popular tactic to discuss that it is just a passing phase. This article explains how remarketing is ready to go mainstream and become a powerful PPC tool for all advertisers.
  • WordStream: The folks over at WordStream are giving us a sneak peek into their newest whitepaper on Quality Score this week. In Part 2, they discuss the nuts and bolts of how Quality Score works. This is information EVERY PPC advertiser should know – and I recommend you read these posts all week long.
  • Digital Alex: Click Equations’ Alex Cohen posts his conference presentations on his personal blog (among other helpful tidbits for PPCers). This presentation is titled “The Maverick’s Guide to Text Ad Testing.” Check it out. Please. You can thank me later.
  • Search Engine Land: Facebook Ads are fast becoming a major topic of discussion for PPC and social media practitioners. While Facebook ads still function on the basic principles of PPC, the setup and management can be considerably different. This article explains some of those idiosyncrasies and provides tips for successfully creating a Facebook Ad campaign.
  • Inside AdWords: In another exciting announcement from Google, advertisers can look forward to a split testing tool for campaigns. The tool is called ACE (AdWords Campaign Experiments) and will allow you to test changes in keywords, bids, ad groups and placements! Trust me folks – this is huge! The tool is in BETA and requires that you sign up here.
  • PPC Hero: Managing Yahoo! PPC campaigns presents a unique set of challenges. And despite Yahoo!’s best efforts, advances like their desktop tool haven’t closed all the gaps in their offerings. This article explains a method for pairing keyword data with the Yahoo! Desktop Tool to make data-driven bid adjustments.