PPC Summit Vancouver and Dry T-shirts

PPC SummitPPC Summit Vancouver is coming up soon: March 31-April 1. The Summit last week in Boston was a smash hit — two days of total-immersion PPC training. One person who was attending his second Summit told me that his company’s PPC revenue had increased by more than $1m after he applied what he’d learned at the first Summit.

Clix Blog readers get a 10% discount off the early-bird rate by using the coupon code CLIX10 – so register before March 12 and you’ll save more than $100.

On another note: I’m thrilled to report that our little company has attained a critical milestone: The T-shirt Stage. Our first shipment of stylish shirts arrived a few weeks ago. I’ll be giving them out in generous swaths at next week’s SES NY, and bestowing them on friends and readers in a haphazardly random fashion.

And for the non-shy among you, here’s an opportunity: send me a photo of you wearing a Clix T-shirt, and we’ll immortalize you (as we did the courageous Traci Scharf) in the new Dry T-shirt Gallery – see the link to the right of this post.