Recent Pinterest Updates You’ll Want to Know About

While Instagram has been announcing IGTV, Facebook has been making changes to custom audiences and Google has been dropping the “Words” in AdWords, Pinterest has also been making some updates.

Here is what you may have missed (or may not have access to in your account yet):

Audience Insights

Similar to other channels’ audience insights and demographic reports, Pinterest has rolled out an Audience Insights feature that allows advertisers to compare the audience who is interacting with your pins versus all Pinterest users.

This feature is currently showing as an Early Access feature in my Pinterest Ads account, so if you don’t see it, it’s likely coming soon.

You can access this by clicking Analytics > Audience Insights.

Currently, it doesn’t look like you can change the date range, which is set to last 30 days.

When it comes to audiences, the default audience includes all users who have seen or engaged with any of your pins in the last 30 days. I don’t currently have a Pinterest tag setup for this account so I’m unable to see if creating audiences would let me toggle between audiences to compare insights, but based on what I can see, I doubt it.

The initial breakdown of categories and interests is very interesting. You can see the size of this audience, their affinity towards this category and you can see a further breakdown of interests related to this category.

Additional information is available for age, gender, location and device.

It looks like many of the users interacting with my pins are on an iPhone or on the web, which is good to keep in mind when I am creating and testing pins.

Let’s see what my audience looks like in terms of demographic information versus Pinterest users.

While none of this is groundbreaking, it is a very interesting tool and I’m looking forward to updates to it in the future.

Pinterest Reporting

This is another “Early Access” feature that has appeared in my account.

I have not had any campaigns active in the last 14 days so the traffic graphic is empty, but it looks a pretty standard interface that allows you to drill down into campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords you want to look at during your selected date range. You are able to compare a wide variety of metrics to visualize performance on the graph.

You can also utilize the export button to download your metrics into Excel.

This is a handy feature, especially for anyone who is running several campaigns on Pinterest.

Additional Campaign Features & Targeting

I wrote about Pinterest Search Ads back in November 2017, but the campaign setup interface has gotten a facelift since then and more information about your targeted audience is available. You also have the option to expand your targeting. Let’s take a look.

Select your objective, add campaign details and select your placements. Click continue.

The next page is where you setup your ad group and targeting. Name your ad group, set the budget, select your audiences and select your interests. As you add targeting, you’ll see that the potential audience size will update and will show you a breakdown of your targeting at a high level.

Add any keyword targeting you would like to include. You may see the option to expand your interests and keywords based on your pin. This is an early access feature but is similar to the audience expansion in other channels. I’m excited to test this option.

Set your location targeting and language.

Select your targeted devices and gender. Set your max bid. Pinterest will give you an idea of how competitive your bid is compared to other advertisers.

When it comes time to pick your pin, you have to option to choose the most clicked or most saved pins in the last 30 days.

Once you have selected your pin, you’ll be able to review your targeting and campaign/ad group information one more time before you launch.

Review your targeting, launch your campaigns and you’re off to the races.

In conclusion, your Pinterest account may not have all of these features yet but they’re coming soon! These are great improvements that make campaign creation and management even better and easier in this channel.

What tips do you have for campaign creation and management in Pinterest? We’d love to hear your experiences in the comments!

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