How to Create Reddit Pixel Retargeting Campaigns

by | Jan 13, 2021 | Retargeting | 0 comments

A few months ago, Reddit Ads introduced Pixel Retargeting. Advertisers can now create audiences from the Conversion Event Types available within the platform.

The obvious choice is to use these audiences as targeting options which, of course, is an option. We can also, however, use these audiences for exclusions.

Let’s walk through the event set up in Reddit Ads and how you can then use these audiences in your campaigns. 

Setting Up a Reddit Conversion Event with Google Tag Manager

In Reddit Ads, head to the top navigation. Then choose the Conversion option in the menu. This will take you to the Conversion Events page. 

Menu Conversion tab for the Conversion Events page

This will take you to the Conversion Events page. There are currently eight event types we can track within Reddit Ads. The options are:

  • Page Visit
  • View Content
  • Search
  • Add to Cart
  • Add to Wishlist
  • Purchase
  • Lead 
  • Sign Up

The setup for each of the events is pretty much the same since the advertiser will need to determine when the ads fire in Google Tag Manager. To begin setting up a Conversion Event, click on the blue “Reddit Pixel” button. Then click on the Google Tag Manager header. 

Instructions for setting up a Conversion Event

The important part in this section is the advertiser ID which I have partially covered in the image above. This will make the tag set up in Google Tag Manager a lot easier. That being said, let’s jump into Google Tag Manager now to set up a Reddit event. 

Searching for Reddit Pixel in the Google Tag Manager

Reddit Ads does not have a native tag type within Google Tag Manager. So what advertisers need to do is click on the blue Community Template Gallery section of the page seen in the image above. Then you can search for “reddit” to find the Reddit-submitted tag tag. Choose this option.

Options for configuring the Reddit Pixel tag

The first section we see is Advertiser ID. Paste in your ID you copied from the Reddit Pixel section we mentioned earlier. Then choose one of the eight event types Reddit offers. The trigger in Google Tag Manager informs Google when to fire the tag. So if you choose the Add to Cart event type, your trigger may fire when a user visits a specific cart page or clicks on the Add to Cart button. It’s going to be up to you to decide when that action should take place. The last step is to publish your tag (after you Preview it to make sure it’s working). 

After your tag is live, allow some time for your Conversion Events to build. You need at least 50 event actions built up before an event can be used for retargeting. If you reach that milestone, then you can head into the campaign section to start using audiences as a targeting option. 

Using Reddit Pixel Audiences in a Campaign

In Reddit Ads, targeting is selected at the ad group level, and Audience targeting is the first option you will see in the ad group. The default option will be to choose a Reddit audience. We want to switch that option to Pixel Retargeting. 

Option to choose Reddit Audience or Pixel Retargeting

From there, you can choose to add one or more audiences to both the Included and Excluded sections.

Keep in mind if you add more than one audience in either of these sections, it will work as an OR condition. A user will only have to be in one of the audiences to be targeted with your ads.

Last, select your lookback window which can be as little as one day to as long as ninety days. 

Options to add more audiences to Included and Excluded

When setting up a Pixel Retargeting campaign in Reddit, advertisers can still control other targeting options within the ad group. We can still choose specific location and device targeting settings. We can also update the ad schedule like any other Reddit Ads campaign. 

Using Reddit Pixel Audiences in a Campaign

Retargeting is always one of the best ways to test out a new channel. We have found this to be especially true for Reddit. This is because Reddit’s main targeting options can be very broad. Also certain Subreddits you want to target may not show up in the Communities targeting selection if it doesn’t have enough volume. The event type and campaign set up is extremely easy. So if you are looking for another retargeting option, give Reddit Ads a try.

Have you tried out Reddit retargeting? We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!