The Clix Marketing Blog’s #PPC News and Views: October 18th, 2013

This Week in PPC News and ViewsHappy Friday friends, and welcome back to the Clix Marketing Blog’s #PPC News and Views! We’ve got lots of good stuff for you today including a call for display remarketing, insights on mobile ads, historical insights for this year’s holiday, and more!

From the Experts

By Data Be Driven

This first post is short, but sweet. Zach Olsen wants you to remarket to your visitors, so he’s Quantifying the Necessity To Do Display Remarketing Ads. By using a single report in Google Analytics, Zach will show you how it’s easy to prove to yourself or your clients that remarketing is a good fit for your business. Check it out!

PPC Hero

Who’s frustrated with their mobile performance since the launch of Enhanced Campaigns? Yeah, pretty much everyone. Your KPIs might not have fallen off the map, but it’s safe to say optimizations made for mobile devices are much more difficult to carry out. But never fear, PPC Hero is here! (See what I did there?) This week, Sam Owen shared a great way to get mobile specific ads in your account as well as providing some stats on performance in Case Study: How Spinning Out Mobile Ads Got 19% Higher CTRs. This is definitely worth a read (and implementation) if you’re targeting mobile devices.


Historical Insights for the 2013 Holiday Shopping Season is a bit different than other posts this week. Rather than focus on GA or AdWords reporting, this one references Abraham Lincoln and FDR. (Nerd alert: I thought it was cool.) Anyway, Kearby Chen talks about the length of the shopping seasons this year and in years past and their trends of peak times for sales and spend. If your a seasonal advertiser, this post is sure to get your gears going.

From the Engines

Bing Ads

Bing Ads is at it again. Advertisers can now Save Time with Four New Features in Bing Ads. I’ll let them go through the specifics for you, but let’s just say Bing is starting to look a lot more Googley. And I’m 100% OK with that. Check out their most recent round of improvements!

Inside AdWords

Here at Clix Marketing, we believe in continual learning from all available channels. That’s why we though it appropriate to share the New Learn with Google Fall Webinars post on the Inside AdWords blog. There’s a good run of topics coming up including, target ROAS automated bidding, cross device conversion tracking, and more. Check out the schedule and get registered for all of the webinars relevant to you.


Well, that wraps up our post for today. Head on back next week for more PPC goodness from around the industry!