The Clix Marketing Blog’s #PPC News & Views: January 30, 2015

This Week in PPC News and ViewsGood morning friends and Happy Friday! Welcome to this week’s edition of the Clix Marketing Blog’s PPC News & Views. So let’s be honest, this was stellar week for PPC content and we couldn’t be happier to share all that PPC goodness. Here we go!

From the Experts

Swell Path

Twitter Drives In-App Purchases with New Targeting: Get the skinny on how Twitter’s tailored audiences from mobile apps can help you drive customer engagement.

White Shark Media

26 AdWords Filters That Are Guaranteed To Speed Up Your Optimization Process: AdWords filters can be very powerful, reusable tools in your optimization strategy. Get the rundown on some common filters and how they can help you save time and make effective changes.


VIDEO: Will Yahoo Rock PPC Campaigns in 2015?: Get a glimpse into the data RKG are seeing now that FireFox has transitioned to Yahoo search results.

Certified Knowledge

The Best Ads Testing Metrics for Lead Generation Campaigns: Ad copy testing has historically been a best practice in PPC campaigns, and that’s not due to change anytime soon. But are you making the right decisions in your lead gen campaigns? Check out the article and see.

Search Engine Land

3 Steps to Optimizing Local Paid Search: For those of us who target multiple locations of business, it can be difficult to ensure you’re being a productive as possible for those locations. Give this article a read to learn how to best localize your message and optimize your budgets across your many locations.

Search Engine Watch

Analyzing AdWords With Analytics Treemaps: Treemaps are a cool, and at times confusing new feature in Google Analytics. Use this article to guide you on how to best use and make decisions based off of these fancy trespass.

PPC Hero

True or False: My PPC Goals Are Realistic: It’s no secret that setting your PPC goals can be a difficult task. Use this article to help you determine if that numbers you’d like to see are realistic or if you’re living in a world of make believe.

From the Experts

Bing Ads

New in Bing Ads: Quickly Undo Changes in the Change History Tab

Pinterest via The SEM Post

Pinterest Add Promoted Pins to User’s Home Feed

Google Analytics

Start Remarking with Google Analytics Instant Activation