The Clix Marketing Blog’s Weekly #PPC New and Views: May 24th, 2013

Welcome to this week’s edition of Clix Marketing’s PPC New and Views! I hope you all had a fantastic week and are ready for the holiday weekend! There were tons of great articles and announcements in the ppc industry this week. It was hard to pick just a few to recap the week, but alas it had to be done. Here are the top posts from this past week.

Get Found First

This was the first post I read on Monday, and although it’s not a new release or a post talking about an new and shiny technique for managing your ads, I think it’s one of the most important of the week. Stu Draper’s Miscellaneous Monday post covered his Top 10 Reasons To Join #PPCChat, a twitter chat dedicated to discussing ppc topics each Tuesday. If you’re a ppc professional and have not heard of #PPCChat, you really should give this post a read.

PPC Hero

Over on the PPC Hero blog, Jeff Allen gives us a great early look at performance of the new enhanced campaigns from Google. Long story short, it’s not great news. What One Million Dollars In Spend Has Taught Us About Enhanced Campaigns gives a good cliff notes section to give a 30,000 ft view of the change in campaign performance, as well as breaking down impressions, clicks, conversions, cost, and CPA be device and targeted network. Have you “upgraded” to enhanced campaigns yet? Are you seeing similar performance changes?


Been thinking about getting into remarketing or looking for ways to spruce up your current campaigns? Yes? Well, look no further. Sean Dolan has provided us with 29 Ways to Use Remarketing (And How to Get Started) just for you! And well, other people on the internet too. This post is a little longer than others, but it’s totally worth it.

Search Engine Watch

With Google’s enhanced campaigns come bid multipliers. Although many changes with enhanced campaigns aren’t my favorite, I’m a big fan of having bid multipliers throughout my accounts, and I think you should be too. Lucky for all of us, Alistair Dent provided us with Using Multipliers Effectively in AdWords. In it, he talks about the basics of multipliers as well as some more advanced thoughts on layers and using them on the display network. If you’re going to make lemonade out of your lemons, be sure to learn as much as you can about implementing bid multipliers in your newly “enhanced” campaigns.


To round out this weeks list is a guest post on the Koozai blog from Aaron Levy. How To Use YouTube For Direct Response Advertising does a great job of outlining all of the ad formats available for YouTube, as well as give some tips and best practices direct response success. Whether you’re already running YouTube ads or just thinking about it, I definitely recommend giving this post a read.

Well, that wraps up another edition of PPC News and Views. Tune in next week for more insights and announcements from around the ppc industry. But before then, have a happy Memorial Day weekend!