The Clix Marketing Blog’s Weekly #PPC News and Views: August 23, 2013

This Week in PPC News and ViewsHappy Friday and welcome to this week’s edition of Clix Marketing’s #PPC New and Views! With the holiday season creeping up on us ever so quickly, we thought we’d share mostly holiday related posts with you this week. Although not all of our posts are directly speaking of holiday, all of them have good insights, ideas, and things to keep in mind to make your holiday season go smoothly. Let’s get started!

From the Experts

Search Engine Watch

How better to prepare for holiday to run through a full review of your account? Know what’s going on, improve moving forward. Melissa Mackey put together a great list of items to catch up on in her post A 5 Step Summer Review for Your PPC Account. Run through these five areas and you’re on your way to having a great holiday season.

Search Engine Land

What’s better than getting lots of fun toys to help with your job? Well, lots of things. But as far as your job goes, tools can be super helpful and save you time. Matt Van Wagner gave a rundown of all the tools he uses in this week’s post What’s In Your SEM Toolbox? I’ll Show You Mine…. Besides lava lamps, Matt’s mentions some really cool tools that are definitely worth checking out.


What’s more important than goal/conversion tracking within PPC? Pretty much nothing. Additionally, having all conversions tracked in the same system can also be important to making decisions. AdWords and Bing usually get the most attention when it comes to conversions, but what about including other channels like Facebook? Well, don’t you fret, because Zach Greenberger wrote How To: Track Facebook Ad Goals with Google Analytics. Incredibly on topic, wouldn’t you say? Give this post a read if you’re interested in tracking FB actions inside Google Analytics, but just don’t know how.


Raise your hand if you’re a marketer or SMB, and during holiday season you feel like you have no time. All of you with your hands raised, you look silly. But I have a consolation prize: John Gagnon’s post 5 Quick Excel Tips for Marketers and SMBs With No Time. What a match made in heaven. These tips range from the very basic to the incredibly helpful and most fall in a spectrum of a combination of the two. Check it out!

From the Engines

Bing Ads

Seriously guys, Bing Ads has been making great strides in their advertising system. Next up: Coming Soon to Bing Ads: Dimensions Tab Houses Your Favorite Insights. It’s like, the Dimensions tab, but in Bing. Am I right? And it’s going to be great. There’s no particular launch date mentioned in the post, but the good news is that if you’re interested in participating in the pilot, you can request inclusion by emailing Bing. Take a look at the post and all of the lovely goodies that the dimensions tab will hold and then tell me you don’t want to be a part of the pilot. Believe me, you probably do.

Google AdWords

Making some serious noise this week, Google announced a new report they’ll be adding to the AdWords interface: the Paid and Organic report. The title says it all: Analyze and Optimize Your Search Footprint with the New Paid & Organic Report. For many marketers, this is HUGE. Data broken down by which links were shown (paid, organic, or both), as well as stats for each. Take a look and see what’s in store.

That brings us to the end of this week’s PPC News and Views. What articles did you find helpful this week? Share in the comments below!