The Clix Marketing Blog’s Weekly #PPC News and Views: August 30, 2013

This Week in PPC News and ViewsHello friends, and welcome back to this week’s PPC News and Views. This week, like every week, we’ve got a great list of posts from around the PPC industry we though were good enough to share. Take a look and see what you think!

From the Experts

PPC Hero

Last week, Google announced they’re new Paid & Organic report that will be available within the AdWords interface and with it came a round of applause from advertisers of both paid and organic natures. But just because we’ll have the data, doesn’t mean we’ll know how to use it. “With great data comes great opportunities for optimization.” Or something like that. Either way, Kayla Kurtz over at PPC Hero has got us covered with her post 8 Simple Ways to Leverage SEO Data & Improve PPC Results. Check it out and make sure you’re able to take advantage of all the data Google gives you.

Marketing Land

As Kohki Yamaguchi points out in his post, Google’s Product Listing Ads or PLAs have gained market share since they’re introduction. The only problem is the lack of transparency of performance metrics like average position, impressions share, and click through rate. Using a new tool from The Search Monitor, Kohki was able to track performance within his PLAs and is now sharing those findings with us. Check out Kohki’s 4 Must-Know Facts on Product Listing Ad Mechanics.

PPC Chat

This week’s PPC Chat was one for the ages. The Using Excel for Pay Per Click chat had lots of people sharing tips, tricks, and frustrations about using the tool to help them in their day to day work. Whether you’re a novice at Excel or it’s like a second language to you, check out this post to find out how others in the industry are using Excel to make their lives easier.

From the Engines…And Kinda the Experts Too

Inside AdWords and Search Engine Land

Google just announced this week that they’re starting a new initiative to help advertisers track complex conversion funnels for their users. The first of which is Cross-Account Conversion Tracking and Search Funnels. The announcement on the Inside AdWords blog goes into a good amount of detail regarding the information to be found in these reports as well as how to set them up. This Search Engine Land post by Ginny Marvin covers some of the same information, but also goes on to discuss a couple of caveats as well as cautions from Google not found in the original post. Both are definitely worth a read if you manage multiple accounts for the same advertiser.

Bing Ads and Search Engine Watch

On Friday of last week, Bing announced their new Product Search to compete against Google’s Product Listing Ads. The original announcement, found here, walks you through the two new features Bing is using to tackle this new set up: Rich Captions and Product Ads. The Search Engine Watch article written this week gives a good overview of the updates being made and points out some extra pieces not touched on in the original announcement.

That wraps up another edition of PPC News and Views. Everyone, have a wonderful holiday weekend and we’ll see you back here next week!