The Clix Marketing Blog’s Weekly #PPC News and Views: Dec 13, 2013

This Week in PPC News and ViewsHello and welcome to this week’s edition of PPC News and Views! Our list of posts today will cover traffic quality, ppc effectiveness, and even a little bit of holiday wishlists. Hooray! Enjoy and have a wonderful Friday friends!

From the Experts

Search Engine Watch

Let’s start the day off right with a post telling us how important we are. Well, sort of. This week, Melissa Mackey posted The Actual Impact of PPC on Sales [Case Study] and gave us a look into the performance of a website before, during, and after ppc campaigns drove traffic to their site. This is a great read. Check it out!

Search Engine Land

So you’re looking at your year-over-year stats and you see traffic increases across the board. Wonderful! But is your traffic this year at the same quality level as it was last year? Rebekah Diedo’s post Traffic: How to Analyze Quantity vs. Quality will tell you how to find out.

3Q Digital

This time of year, Santa’s not the only one making a list. Online marketers from across the industry have been putting their SEM wishlist’s together for weeks, and this week is no different. Susan Waldes shares 3Q Digital’s wishlist in Dear Google Santa: All I Want for the Holidays Is…. There are some great ideas in here, and whether selfish or not, I hope all of their dreams come true.

Search Engine Journal

We’ve all read articles about how to set up your campaigns and divvy budgets. But I particularly liked this explanation using the marketing funnel to choose your keywords and make your budget dollars work hardest for you: How Marketing and Probabilities Can Save You $1000s In PPC Spend. Good read with some excellent reminders.

From the Engines

Bing Ads

Does the New Excel Web App Help? Try These Simple Optimization Strategies then provide your own feedback. Bing has been very open about wanting advertisers opinions on their new features. This is no different. The Excel Web App can help you with bulk operations like adjusting bids and adding additional match types. Check it out and let them know if you find it helpful!

That’s a wrap for this week. We’ll see all of you again next Friday!