The Clix Marketing Blog’s Weekly #PPC News and Views for September 12th, 2012

Another week has passed and with it has come the start to the NFL season and, you guessed it, more great posts from around the PPC industry. Here’s what we’ve had come across our radar. Feel free to share your favorite posts this week in our comments!

Microsoft Advertising: Over the past few months, Microsoft has really made large strides in making adCenter a much more competitive platform. As of this week, they’ve continued that trend and taken it a step farther.  On Sunday, Microsoft announced that Microsoft adCenter is Now Bing Ads. With a new name and very Bing-esque login page, it’s clear Check it out!

Luna Metrics: Last week Google announced they were making changes to their seller ratings ad extensions. While it’s great to keep up on changing qualifying criteria for the AdWords extension, it’s even better to get advice on how to stay qualified, right? We thought so too. Over on the Luna Metrics blog, Brittany Baeslack has put together a nice list of things you can do to keep your seller ratings fresh.

Certified Knowledge: Negative keywords are an essential element to nearly every PPC account. But blind negative keyword strategy can really hinder your accounts performance. This week, Brad Geddes gives great advice on Learning How to Control Your Negative Keywords. This is definitely a must read if you’ve never audited your accounts negative keywords. Or if you have, it’s a great refresher.

PPC Hero: We’ve all been there. You start working on a brand new account and you honestly have no idea what to expect in terms of performance, costs, anything really.  Well, never fear, Kayla’s here! Follow her step by step instructions on How to Use Excel to Estimate New PPC Account Performance to determine possible performance for your account. As the post states, these will really only give you estimates on how your account might perform, but something is better than nothing.

SEER Interactive: Not all PPC work is done in highly technical ways. Sometimes, all you need is something quick, simple, and effective to achieve your result. And Aaron Levy’s Spin Test for PPC Landing Pages fits perfectly into that category.  I mean, come on. The post even comes complete with a Homer Simpson .gif! So grab your favorite desk chair and give the spin test a whirl. (See what I did there?)

Well, that does it for this week’s round up. Happy reading!