The Clix Marketing Blog’s Weekly #PPC News and Views: June 21, 2013

Hello friends! And welcome back to another edition of the Clix Marketing Blog’s Weekly #PPC News and Views! We’ve got another great list of articles for you from around the industry, so let’s get to it!

Search Engine Journal

Quality score has been a hot topic as of late (well, always really), but usually the conversation focuses on Google AdWords QS. This week over at SEJ, Ping Jen wrote Things You Need to Know About Bing Ads Quality Score and he should know. I mean, he freakin’ works there! This post gives great info about how Bing calculates quality score, the components that are factored in, as well as some best practices for achieving a higher quality score.

Search Engine Land

Over the past couple years, PLAs have really proven to be a great performing ad type for marketers, consumers, and Google alike. But some advertisers were wondering if some of the large growth in PLAs was a result of cannibalization of other ad types. In SEL this week, George Michie, armed with data from RKG, shares his findings on the matter in PLAs: Cannibals? Allies? Or Both? Definitely an interesting read.

Luna Metrics

This week, Google Announced Display Network Impression Reporting in Google Analytics. But don’t you fret, Sarah Peduzzi over on the Luna Metrics blog is going to tell you all about it. In her post Sarah gives a great overview of the new features us advertisers can use as well as a solid list of actions we can start to take using these new tools. Check it out!

Xzibit on Enhanced Sitelinks

Inside AdWords

You guys. You guys! Whether you’re completely hip to the groove or not with Enhanced Campaigns, I’m pretty sure you can jump on the band wagon with these new sitelinks Google announced this week. I mean, they look like mini-ads! Give this announcement a read and head into your account to take advantage of them.

Search Engine Watch

With the rolling out of Enhanced Campaigns, Google is also rolling out some additional functionality within the system for advertisers such as enhanced sitelinks, call extensions and something called flexible bid strategies. Over on the SEW blog, John Lee talks about flexible bid strategies; what they are, how you use them, and some missing pieces that would make them better. Now is the time to get caught up on all of the changes, updates, upgrades, and their uses for enhanced campaigns. Check out John’s post and see if flexible bid strategies could work for you.

That wraps up our list for this week. Come back next week for another great list of articles from around the ppc industry!