The Clix Marketing Blog’s Weekly #PPC News and Views: September 27, 2013

This Week in PPC News and ViewsGood morning friends, and welcome back to the Clix Marketing Blog’s #PPC News and Views! I’ll be your hostess for the duration of our time together today, so feel free to ask any questions. Beverages and snacks are provided in your own refrigerator. Hurray!

From the Experts


Ah, social media. It’s becoming ever more useful in the world of paid search. We’ve all heard the general benefits of running Facebook ads (when done correctly), but what about some outside the box uses? James Svoboda’s got you covered. In his Complete Facebook Ads Guide to Event Promotion, James will tell you how to, well, promote an event using Facebook ads. Neat! This is a very cool and thorough post. Check it out if you’re interested in taking your next event to the next level.

RKG Blog

If you run Product Listing Ads (PLAs), this post is for you. In his post, Controlling Google’s Inconsistent PLA Target Serving, Andy Taylor discusses the problem of having broader PLA targets pick up impressions when there are specific ad groups targeting only individual products. He provides insights and tips to ensure your more targeted lists are always shown when they’re more relevant. Definitely worth a read.


As a PPC manager, your job involves hitting your client’s KPI targets and providing them with profitable campaigns. But that isn’t your only job. And there are many mistakes that can happen while traveling down the road to profitability to get you in trouble. Greg Meyers has highlighted 8 Ways to Lose a Client in PPC Marketing for us, as well as giving tips for how to prevent those mistakes. Take a look at his list and make sure you’re not headed for a crash with one of your clients.

Search Engine Journal

More than likely, you’re supplementing your AdWords data with Google Analytics data to make optimizations on your accounts. If not, shame on you! You really should be. Anywho…on to the point of this post. This week, Paolo Vidali warns advertisers to be weary of the initial stats your shown in Analytics. In Big Data and the New Limits of Google Analytics, he talks about the use of sampling data, higher precision, and faster processing within the GA interface. Give this post a read if you want to be sure the data you’re getting from GA is entirely accurate.

From the Engines

Hold on to your butts, the engines rolled out a good list of upgrades this week, so we’re going to go through them kinda fast.

Google AdWords

Customize Your AdWords Conversion Window to More Accurately Measure Your Performance
This one couldn’t be more up front. AdWords now allows you to select the length of your conversion window, anywhere from 7 days up to 90 days. Just one more way Google is allowing further insights and customization into your custom conversion process.

Create Beautiful, Engaging Display Ads in Seconds with Ready Creatives
Creating display ads is now easier than ever. Through Ready Image Ads and Ready Ad Gallery, you can now quickly and easily create high quality Dynamic, Engagement, Video, and General display ads.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads September Feature Release – Greater Usability, Faster Intelligence and Simplified Workflow
Holy guacamole, this is actually a pretty long post, but mostly due to ALL OF THE AWESOME that’s come to Bing Ads recently. This post runs through all of September’s upgrades including the web UI, Bing Ads Intelligence, and Bing Ads Editor.


That wraps up our list for this week. We’ll see you here next week!