The Clix Marketing Blog’s Weekly #PPC News & Views: Dec 6, 2013

This Week in PPC News and ViewsHappy December Friends! Hope you’re all staying nice and warm out there and having a nice slow down after the holiday weekend. If not, well, ’tis the season I guess. Today we’ll look at posts talking about flexible bidding, the Opportunities tab, and more! Happy reading!


There have been tons of new features rolling out in AdWords recently. One area often overlooked by the ppc blogosphere is the Opportunities Tab. Recently, it’s had a few facelifts and gotten some fun new features. Erin Sagin walks us through what she sees as the Pros & Cons fo the New AdWords Opportunities Tab. Definitely worth a read if you’ve ever considered using this feature.

Search Engine Land

Whether you’re taking over an account or struggling with an existing account, the same question comes up: When Should You Overhaul Your PPC Account Structure? Some say always. Some say never. Sam Owen will walk you through some general rules as well as things to look out for with account restructuring.

Practical Ecommerce

Well guys, it’s here. The first (to my knowledge) results post from Using AdWords’ Cost-per-acquisition Flexible Bidding. Woo! In the post, author Matt Umbro talks about his teams results using flexible bidding in three campaigns for the past month. Check out his results and see if flexible bidding might be right for you.

Search Engine Journal

Breaking – Google Changes the SERP – Images are King and PPC Hold the Key to the Kingdom. Honestly, the title says it all, but I’ll write a little blurb just because that’s what we do here. Basically, Google shifted PLAs to the top left of the SERP. Yep, in place of ads and organic listings. For more info, check out Bryant Garvin’s post.

That wraps up today’s ppc goodness. We’ll see you all back here next week!