The Clix Marketing Blog’s Weekly #PPC News & Views: Feb 21, 2014

This Week in PPC News and ViewsWelcome, welcome, welcome to this week’s edition of the Clix Marketing Blog’s Weekly News and Views. This week, like most weeks, had no shortage of great PPC content from all over the industry. Below is our list of posts we found interesting, helpful, or a combination of the two. Enjoy!

From the Experts


Do “Suspicious Minds” Make the Best PPC Managers?: Every manager approaches their ppc campaigns differently, but there are some underlying traits that might make you better than others. Andrew Goodman talks about suspicious minds (basically, questioning, non-naive minds) and how they can help your PPC campaign succeed with search intent, keyword match types, and the Google Display Network.

Search Engine Watch

Google Display Ads on Mobile Devices: How to Avoid the Erroneous Clicks of Children: This post is a great reminder to think outside the box when trying to identify reasons for poor performance. Some devices might perform better than others in your campaigns, but why? And how can you improve performance on those lacking devices. Check out the post for good insights on excluding irrelevant traffic.

3Q Digital

Household Income Targeting in AdWords? Yup: Buried deep, and unintuitively in your AdWords account is the ability to target users on AdWords based on household income. And the best part is, you’ll then be able to set bid modifiers for them and see separate stats right inside the AdWords UI. Definitely worth checking out.

Search Engine Journal:

The Number One Thing PPC Consultants Should Be Doing To Retain Clients: No one can disagree with this article. It’s absolutely spot on on what agencies should be doing month over month to improve client relationships and gives some great tips to achieve that one central goal.

From the Engines

Google AdWords

Shopping Campaigns Now Available to All Advertisers Around the World: Google will be making a shift from their current Product Listing Ads campaigns to Google Shopping over the next few months and just this week they’ve made Google Shopping campaigns available to all advertisers. Get the basics of these campaigns as well as how to get started advertising using this new campaign type.


Easier, More Effective Ways to Reach the Right People on Facebook: Facebook is getting very LinkedIn all of the sudden. With new targeting options, you’ll be able to better target your audience for Locations, Demographics, Interests, Behaviors and more. Check out the updates coming soon to a Facebook Ads account near you.

That does it for this week’s list. See all of you again next week!