The Clix Marketing Team’s Goals for 2014

images-1As mentioned in our round up post from a couple days ago, the Clix Marketing team is doing some recap work as well as planning for the year ahead. Yesterday was about yesteryear, and today we move forward into 2014. Although you can never tell at the start what a new year will hold, you can put together some goals. We at Clix Marketing have put together our goals for work and personal life and wanted to share! Hooray!


James Thompson – Managing Partner

Work Life: Automate spreadsheets, bidding, etc. Anything that needs done over and over again, that can be automated, should be automated; even if it seems like it will take too much time in the short run.

Personal Life: Stick to a personal schedule. Get into a rhythm rather than being random about everything.


Mae Polczynski – Managing Partner

Work Life: Make 2014 a year of purposeful growth for Clix through nurturing partnerships, adding more PPC superfreaks to our team, and telling the world about Clix.

Personal Life: Spend more time in my metalsmithing studio, bring rollerblading back, buy a new scooter, hunt down the hoodlum who stole my old scooter.


John Lee – Managing Partner

Work Life: Participate in PPC Chat more frequently. Expand my online marketing chops in new channels, e.g. ever changing social ads landscape, new DSPs and display offerings, alternative platforms like Outbrain, etc. Expand my marketing knowledge through reading, webinar participation and conversations with peers in the industry.

Personal Life: Expand my knowledge of running a business/marketing agency – HR, client acquisition, partnerships and in general kicking ass at all the things. Generalized business related resolution – do whatever I can to be a better marketer, a better agency/client manager and a better boss. Personally, I need to continue the good fight in weight loss and find more time to read books that don’t have “marketing” or “business” in the title.


Heather Cooan – Director of Client Services

Work Life: Get ahead of myself with blogging and content creation. Create, keep up with, and actively follow a content calendar while making sure posts are done ahead of time rather than day of. I’d like to stay at least 60-days ahead of content creation this year.

Personal Life: I WILL beat CandyCrush! (at least to level 500)…oh jeeze, now there’s a dream world too!?

Michelle - Head Shot

Michelle Morehouse – Online Marketing Specialist

Work Life: Learn more in-depth uses for Excel to make my life a bit easier. Get better at cross channel reporting and optimization: AdWords, Bing Ads, Analytics, call tracking software, external lead systems, etc.

Personal Life: Read two books per month (non-work related) and create and follow a running and yoga regimen.


What are your goals for 2014? Share with us in the comments!