Three New Betas Announced for Quora Ads

Yesterday I got to join JD Prater, Quora Ads Evangelist, in a webinar about why businesses need to consider using Quora Ads. The main bulk of the presentation was about how easy it is to find out if you audience is on the platform, and how quickly new users can set up a robust campaign. But if I had to pick my favorite part about the webinar (because I’m a major geek), it would be the new betas JD and the Quora team announced yesterday.

Let’s see what’s coming out in the platform.

new quora ads features

CPM Bidding

This one is pretty straightforward. You will now be able to go into your campaign settings and tell Quora you want to target a certain amount of people for a certain price. Quora will then make sure to serve your ads to that relevant audience for you on the CPM (cost-per-thousand) bidding basis.

quora cpm bidding

Promoted Answers

In JD’s own words, think of this new beta like the Facebook boost button. If you have a meaty, well-thought-out answer that could help a lot of people or drive a lot of traffic to your website, you will now be able to promote it. The goal here is to initially get a lot of visibility on your answers in hopes to get a lot of upvotes for quality. Then after you promote it, your answer could still be number one organically if your answer resonated with a lot of users. Such an easy way to potentially build some evergreen content on Quora that could have a long lifecycle.

Auction Insights

Quora advertisers asked for it. Quora delivered. PPC marketers love to know more about scaling our competitors, but sometimes it can be difficult to compare. You wonder if your bid is competitive enough or if you are using the right targeting methods. No need to wonder anymore. Quora is now going to give advertisers this information.

Quora Keeps Getting Better and Better

It is absolutely amazing how far Quora has come since they went out of beta a year and a half ago. The platform is quickly catching up to all of the other major channels when looking at just the tools and features we can use. I’ve been a fan of the Quora Ads since the beginning, and they’re doing nothing but making the channel better for marketers to get in front of a very relevant audience. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Have you advertised on Quora? We’d love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments!