Tracking Policy Appeals in Google Ads

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Google Ads | 0 comments

The Policy Manager section in Google Ads offers a central location in your account where you can view any current policy issues for ads that are disapproved or approved with a limited status. To navigate to this area, go to Tools (the wrench symbol) from the top bar within your account. From the dropdown that appears, select “Policy Manager” under “More Tools.”

Next, you’ll land on the Policy Issues page highlighting any current approval issues in your account. Note that what you see will be filtered based on the current filters in place within the main Campaigns section of your account. For instance, if you’ve filtered to see only enabled campaigns, you’ll only see ads from those active campaigns reflected in Policy Manager.

Policy Manager

For any disapproval category, you can click to “View Ads” and see all of the corresponding ads in the interface. You can then select them and submit an appeal (Edit > Appeal Policy Decision).

Now, you’ll see a screen where you can select a reason for appeal (whether you’ve made changes or want to dispute Google’s decision).

Next, you can choose to appeal only affected ads in the selected ad groups, affected ads in the related campaign, or all ads with the same policy flag across the account.

Once you’ve submitted the ads, you should wait until the review is complete before submitting any future appeals. You can navigate back to the Policy Manager section and go to “Appeal history” from the left sidebar to see the status of appeals. Generally, these will be completed within a day or two, although they may take longer.

If a review comes back with ads still disapproved, or if the process drags out for multiple days, reaching out to Google support or a rep may help you get a clearer answer back. Sometimes, I’ve found that Google will require you to submit appeals multiple times before allowing for manual review of ads to override automatic disapprovals.

While the Policy Manager section won’t necessarily stop arbitrary disapprovals, this area at least provides one central place to sort through all the ads that have approval issues and re-submit them for review. The addition of this option in the interface has been helpful.

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