Twitter Interest Targeting Options

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Recently my co-worker, Tim Jensen, wrote a blog post on setting up a Twitter Ads campaign. One of the sections of that post explained setting up the targeting for your campaign. I wanted to use my post to deep dive into the interest targeting options and list out what is currently available to help you consider if Twitter Ads is right for your brand. Use the links below to help you find the targeting areas most important to your account goals

In all there are twenty-five interest categories which can be drilled down to 350 subcategories. These interest are compiled based upon topics users connect or engage with on Twitter. While some categories and subcategories may seem specific, even Twitter states this targeting option is at a broader scale.

Twitter recommends selecting no more than 10 subcategories to your ad group. After the campaign launches, you will be able to review the performance to see how your interest selections perform. You can then review the data to decide if you want to remove any interest targeting options or possibly separate out some interests into their own campaigns to push more exposure.

Take some time to review your options. Even if Twitter Ads doesn’t have the exact types of interests you are looking for, try and find other interests your target audience may also be interested in. For example, under Gaming, you cannot target specific brands, but you may want to target Console Gaming, Gaming News, or Online Gaming. It won’t take a lot of time to review all your options and see if interest targeting on Twitter is right for your brand.


Automotive — Automotive news and general info

Automotive — Car culture

Automotive — Convertibles

Automotive — Hybrid and electric vehicles

Automotive — Luxury

Automotive — Minivans

Automotive — Motorcycles

Automotive — Offroad vehicles

Automotive — Performance vehicles

Automotive — Sedans

Automotive — SUVs

Automotive — Trucks

Automotive — Vintage cars


Beauty — Body art

Beauty — Face care

Beauty — Hair care

Beauty — Make-up and cosmetics

Beauty — Skin care

Beauty — Spa and medical spa

Beauty — Tanning and sun care

Books and literature

Books and literature — Biographies and memoirs

Books and literature — Books news and general info

Books and literature — Business and finance

Books and literature — Comics

Books and literature — Cookbooks, food, and wine

Books and literature — Health, mind, and body

Books and literature — Mystery and crime

Books and literature — Nonfiction

Books and literature — Politics and current events

Books and literature — Romance


Business — Advertising

Business — Biotech and biomedical

Business — Business news and general info

Business — Business software

Business — Construction

Business — Entrepreneurship

Business — Government

Business — Green solutions

Business — Human resources

Business — Investors and patents

Business — Leadership

Business — Marketing

Business — Nonprofit

Business — Small business

Business — Technology


Careers — Career news and general info

Careers — Job fairs

Careers — Job search

Careers — U.S. military


Education — Adult education

Education — College life

Education — Education news and general info

Education — Graduate school

Education — Homeschooling

Education — Language learning

Education — Online education

Education — Special education


Events — Entertainment awards

Events — Holidays

Events — Movie festivals

Events — Music festivals and concerts

Events — Political elections

Events — Sporting events

Events — Tech tradeshows

Family and parenting

Family and parenting — Babies and toddlers

Family and parenting — Daycare and preschool

Family and parenting — Elder care

Family and parenting — Parenting K-6 kids

Family and parenting — Parenting teens

Food and drink

Food and drink — American cuisine

Food and drink — Barbecues and grilling

Food and drink — Bars and nightlife

Food and drink — Beer

Food and drink — Cajun and Creole

Food and drink — Chinese cuisine

Food and drink — Cocktails and beer

Food and drink — Coffee and tea

Food and drink — Cooking

Food and drink — Desserts and baking

Food and drink — Dining out

Food and drink — Ethnic foods

Food and drink — Fast food

Food and drink — Fine dining

Food and drink — Foodie news and general info

Food and drink — French cuisine

Food and drink — Italian cuisine

Food and drink — Japanese cuisine

Food and drink — Liquor and spirits

Food and drink — Mexican cuisine

Food and drink — Vegan

Food and drink — Vegetarian

Food and drink — Wine


Gaming — Board gaming

Gaming — Computer gaming

Gaming — Console gaming

Gaming — Gaming news and general info

Gaming — Mobile gaming

Gaming — Online gaming

Gaming — Roleplaying games


Health — Health news and general info

Hobbies and interests

Hobbies and interests — Arts and crafts

Hobbies and interests — Astrology

Hobbies and interests — Birdwatching

Hobbies and interests — Boating

Hobbies and interests — Cartoons

Hobbies and interests — Celebrity fan and gossip

Hobbies and interests — Chess

Hobbies and interests — Cigars

Hobbies and interests — Comedy

Hobbies and interests — Dance

Hobbies and interests — Design

Hobbies and interests — Drawing and sketching

Hobbies and interests — Exercise and fitness

Hobbies and interests — Freelance writing

Hobbies and interests — Gambling

Hobbies and interests — Genealogy

Hobbies and interests — Guitar

Hobbies and interests — Jewelry making

Hobbies and interests — Modeling

Hobbies and interests — Needlework

Hobbies and interests — Painting

Hobbies and interests — Paranormal phenomena

Hobbies and interests — Performance arts

Hobbies and interests — Photography

Hobbies and interests — Sci-fi and fantasy

Hobbies and interests — Scrapbooking

Hobbies and interests — Screenwriting

Hobbies and interests — Shopping

Hobbies and interests — Stamps and coins

Home and garden

Home and garden — Appliances

Home and garden — Entertaining at home

Home and garden — Gardening

Home and garden — General info

Home and garden — Home repair

Home and garden — Interior decorating

Home and garden — Landscaping

Home and garden — Remodeling and construction

Law, government, and politics

Law, government, and politics — Commentary

Law, government, and politics — Conservative

Law, government, and politics — Government resources

Law, government, and politics — Legal issues

Law, government, and politics — Liberal

Law, government, and politics — Nonpartisan

Law, government, and politics — Politics

Life stages

Life stages — Auto intenders

Life stages — College students

Life stages — Dads

Life stages — Empty nesters

Life stages — Moms

Life stages — Newlyweds

Life stages — Veterans

Movies and television

Movies and television — Action and adventure

Movies and television — Animation

Movies and television — Bollywood

Movies and television — Business and news

Movies and television — Comedy

Movies and television — Documentary

Movies and television — Drama

Movies and television — Foreign

Movies and television — Horror

Movies and television — Independent

Movies and television — Movie news and general info

Movies and television — Music

Movies and television — Reality TV

Movies and television — Romance

Movies and television — Sci-fi and fantasy

Movies and television — Sports themed

Music and radio

Music and radio — Alternative

Music and radio — Blues

Music and radio — Christian and gospel

Music and radio — Classical

Music and radio — Country

Music and radio — Dance

Music and radio — DJs

Music and radio — Electronic

Music and radio — Hip hop and rap

Music and radio — Indie spotlight

Music and radio — Jazz

Music and radio — Latino

Music and radio — Metal

Music and radio — Music news and general info

Music and radio — Pop

Music and radio — R&B and soul

Music and radio — Reggae

Music and radio — Rock

Music and radio — Talk radio

Music and radio — Venues

Music and radio — World

Personal finance

Personal finance — Banking

Personal finance — Beginning investing

Personal finance — Credit, debt, and loans

Personal finance — Financial news

Personal finance — Financial planning

Personal finance — Hedge funds

Personal finance — Insurance

Personal finance — Investing

Personal finance — Mortgage

Personal finance — Mutual funds

Personal finance — Options

Personal finance — Real estate

Personal finance — Retirement planning

Personal finance — Stocks

Personal finance — Tax planning


Pets — Birds

Pets — Cats

Pets — Dogs

Pets — General info

Pets — Horses

Pets — Reptiles


Science — Biology

Science — Chemistry

Science — Geography

Science — Geology

Science — Physics

Science — Science news

Science — Space and astronomy

Science — Weather


Society — Dating

Society — Divorce support

Society — Marriage

Society — Senior living

Society — Weddings


Sports — Action sports

Sports — Auto racing

Sports — Baseball

Sports — Bodybuilding

Sports — Boxing

Sports — Canoeing and kayaking

Sports — Climbing

Sports — College basketball

Sports — College football

Sports — Cricket

Sports — Cycling

Sports — Fantasy sports

Sports — Figure skating

Sports — Fishing

Sports — Golf

Sports — Horse racing

Sports — Hunting and shooting

Sports — Ice hockey

Sports — Martial arts

Sports — Mountain biking

Sports — NASCAR racing

Sports — NBA basketball

Sports — NFL football

Sports — Olympics

Sports — Paintball

Sports — Poker

Sports — Power and motorcycles

Sports — Rodeo

Sports — Rugby

Sports — Running and jogging

Sports — Sailing

Sports — Scuba diving

Sports — Skateboarding

Sports — Skiing

Sports — Snowboarding

Sports — Soccer

Sports — Sporting goods

Sports — Sports news

Sports — Surfing and bodyboarding

Sports — Swimming

Sports — Table tennis and ping-pong

Sports — Tennis

Sports — Volleyball

Sports — Waterskiing and wakeboarding

Style and fashion

Style and fashion — Baby apparel

Style and fashion — Dresses and skirts

Style and fashion — Fashion

Style and fashion — Jewelry

Style and fashion — Kids’ apparel

Style and fashion — Men’s accessories

Style and fashion — Men’s bags

Style and fashion — Men’s beachwear

Style and fashion — Men’s formal wear

Style and fashion — Men’s jeans

Style and fashion — Men’s outerwear

Style and fashion — Men’s pants

Style and fashion — Men’s shoes

Style and fashion — Men’s tops

Style and fashion — Sunglasses

Style and fashion — Watches

Style and fashion — Women’s accessories

Style and fashion — Women’s bags

Style and fashion — Women’s beachwear

Style and fashion — Women’s intimates and hosiery

Style and fashion — Women’s jeans

Style and fashion — Women’s outerwear

Style and fashion — Women’s pants

Style and fashion — Women’s shoes

Style and fashion — Women’s tops

Technology and computing

Technology and computing — Animation

Technology and computing — Antivirus

Technology and computing — Cameras and camcorders

Technology and computing — Cell phones

Technology and computing — Computer certification

Technology and computing — Computer networking

Technology and computing — Computer programming

Technology and computing — Computer reviews

Technology and computing — Data centers

Technology and computing — Databases

Technology and computing — Enterprise software

Technology and computing — Graphics software

Technology and computing — Home entertainment

Technology and computing — Linux

Technology and computing — MacOS

Technology and computing — Mobile

Technology and computing — Network security

Technology and computing — Open source

Technology and computing — PC support

Technology and computing — SEO

Technology and computing — Startups

Technology and computing — Tablets

Technology and computing — Tech news

Technology and computing — Video conferencing

Technology and computing — Web design

Technology and computing — Windows


Travel — Adventure travel

Travel — Africa

Travel — Air travel

Travel — Asia

Travel — Australia and New Zealand

Travel — Bed and breakfasts

Travel — Business travel

Travel — Camping

Travel — Canada

Travel — Caribbean

Travel — Cruises

Travel — Eastern Europe

Travel — Europe

Travel — France

Travel — Greece

Travel — Hawaii

Travel — Honeymoons and getaways

Travel — Hotels

Travel — Italy

Travel — Japan

Travel — Las Vegas

Travel — Luxury travel

Travel — Mexico and Central America

Travel — National parks

Travel — South America

Travel — Theme parks

Travel — Travel news and general info

Travel — Traveling with kids

Travel — United Kingdom