Using Quora Ads for Lead Gen Campaigns

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The number one pushback I typically hear from lead gen clients or prospects is that they don’t think paid social is great for lead gen campaigns.

One of the main reasons I love Quora Ads is that I have seen this channel work for accounts of various industries and sizes. I am going to show a few of my favorite ways to show how Quora Ads could be a great nurturing tool for your campaign goals.

Are Your Current Customers Already on Quora?

When recommending Quora Ads to a client, a common response I hear is, “We’re pretty sure our audience isn’t on Quora.”

Well let’s not assume.

Let’s actually find out, and it is pretty easy and FREE to do. Once an advertiser creates an account, they can add the Quora pixel to their site without ever having to enter payment information. This will allow any company to see how many of their recent site visitors actually use the Quora platform.

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If you are seeing a good amount of users in your audiences, you have to remember these are already customers who know about you. While these audiences could be good for nurturing campaigns, Quora should be used for more than just remarketing. The number of users who could use your product is most likely far greater than your remarketing audiences. This can give you an understanding of the potential Quora can have for a lead gen campaign.

Research Intent Before Launching Your Campaigns

Quora at its highest level is a question and answer site. People go to Quora to get solutions for problems as well as research products or services they may need. Our advertising should be there to help these users.

In order to really do this effectively, you should try and segment your ad message as much as possible to match the user intent as best as we can do.

In the questions above, someone who is asking if they even need a CRM is completely different than someone who is already familiar with CRM brands and is actively shopping.

Knowing which questions you can advertise on will help determine how precise you want your targeting to be, what your ad message should be, what offer should push for each targeting option, and finally what landing page you want to utilize.

The image above is doctored a bit, but I wanted to make sure we can see the differences between Contextual and Behavioral targeting in Quora. This is important to know because there is a big difference in user intent between the two options when setting up your campaigns.

Contextual targeting will focus on users who are actively engaging with questions or topics. Behavioral targeting uses the same options as Contextual, but Behavioral targeting focuses on historical interaction. Again, this is a big difference in user intent when considering someone who is actively looking versus someone who showed some interest within the past (up to) 30 days. Make sure your ads make sense with the targeting options you have selected.

Keep the Users on the Quora Platform and Test Lead Gen Ads

Quora users are very engaged, and they tend to stay on the platform a long time.

Information from Quora. Based on a December 2017 study of 100K active Quora users who connected their Quora accounts with Facebook.
Based on Nielsen Total Media Fusion, 1/1/2018 – 1/31/2018 (Total Universe 18+)

If users love to be on the platform, they may not want to click on your ad that takes them off-site. This is especially true for as much volume Quora gets from mobile users. To make things easier for the user, try testing out Quora lead gen forms.

quora lead gen forms

While lead generation is a campaign type you have to choose when building your campaign, the lead form itself is part of the ad.

Just like we talked about user intent above, make sure the offer you are using in your lead forms makes sense with the intent of your targeting options. Would people really want to sign up for a free trial or demo if you’re using a Behavioral interest target? Should you be using a much softer CTA like a free download instead? Those are just some of the questions you need to ask before launching a lead gen campaign, but I do strongly recommend trying to keep the user on the platform.

We have seen very low CPAs coming from these lead gen forms compared to the other social channel’s lead form options. And why are our CPAs so cheap?

Take Your Expensive Search Keywords and Try and Find Similar Topics on Quora

It has happened so many times. A client wants to target super-competitive terms (like competitor keywords), but the CPCs are much higher than most of the keywords we have in the account.

Since I’m already using CRM examples in this post, let’s stick with that. Here’s what I currently see in Google Ads Keyword Planner for “salesforce crm” in the United States:

Top of page bids range from $7.98 to $64.04 in Google.

Now let’s go to Quora. Here are the suggested bids for Contextual-based topic targeting in the United States for “Salesforce CRM.”

See the difference? I know there is a difference in user behavior between Google Search and Quora, but with that difference in CPCs, I’m more than okay testing out Quora.

In my opinion, people who are actively researching questions about the same product they’re searching for on Google are still going to be a relevant audience. I am always willing to branch out to another channel if it’s going to bring much lower CPAs for my clients while maintaining the same, if not better, quality.

Final Point

I understand each lead gen account is different. Different target audiences means different sales cycles. Different verticals will have different offers.

If nothing else, what I hope you take away from this post was a list of new ideas you can test for your account. Quora Ads have worked very well for our lead gen clients at Clix whether it’s signing users up for a free trial, promoting a webinar, or building an email list.

Take the time to research your audience on the platform. Then create ads that really meet the user intent to help nurture those users to eventual conversion.

What are your favorite tips for success in Quora? We’d love to hear your favorite tactics and tips in the comments below!