#Zenith2016 Presentation Recap – Keyword Research & B2B Sales Funnel Goodies

zenithZenith Conference 2016 was held in Duluth, MN the final week of April. (wow – it’s been a month already!) I had the honor of being invited by aimClear to speak not once, but twice at this amazing conference.

First off I shared the stage with Purna Virji from Bing Ads. Our topic was keyword research, but we covered a lot of ground from tools, to alternative keyword brainstorming ideas and even a quick lesson in voice search (thanks to Purna for that piece!).

My second session was with Megan Taggert from aimClear. We took a look at B2B advertising and the sales funnel. Attribution, strategies and a hefty helping of context left the audience a bit smarter and full of questions!

Everyone at aimClear, Zenith and everyone I met in Duluth were amazing. Hopefully I’ll get to come back in 2017. ; )

Slides on keyword research:

[slideshare id=61470684&doc=johnleezenithkeywordresearch-160428160337]

Slides on B2B advertising:

[slideshare id=61471012&doc=johnleezenithb2b-160428161144]