10 Digital Marketing Podcasts For Your Listening Pleasure

In our world of digital marketing, there are so many sources for information, updates, tips and tricks. You might scour help articles, blog posts, or YouTube, or rely on the latest conference to keep up to date. In this post, we’re outlining some of our favorite podcasts that you can listen to on the job or on the go to keep up with industry news, insights and ideas.

PPC Specific

Edge of the Web – Updated weekly with a new one hour podcast featuring experts from a wide range of backgrounds (agency vs brand), expertise and perspective. Also, putting a shameless plug in for a recent podcast on this channel, More Than Meets The ROI from Clix’s own Tim Jensen.

The PPC Show Podcast – Covers all the latest PPC trends and news every week.

The Paid Search Podcast -These guys cover weekly all things Google Ads related only.

Perpetual Traffic – With over 200 podcasts, they have covered a lot, but you’ll find a strong focus on Facebook Ads.

PPC Chat Twitter Roundup –  If you missed the weekly discussion on Twitter, you can listen to them. It’s not the same as reading them directly on Twitter, but if you can’t get to that, at least you have an alternative.

Digital Marketing

Marketing School – Checkout the daily episodes across a wide range of topics from general marketing to SEO.

3 Marketers Walk Into A Podcast – This chat features a new marketing expert each week in PPC topics as well as other digital marketing strategies.

CredoCast – a solid podcast featuring more higher level tactics and less in channel specifics.

Marketing Scoop – This podcast from SEM Rush will not disappoint. Tune in to hear weekly case-based stories from the marketers working behind the scenes.

The Art of Online Business – Covers everything from business planning to a variety of paid channels.

In other Podcast News

And, while we’re on the subject of podcasts, we want to make sure you saw that Spotify launched streaming ad insertion and measurement, which opens up another realm of advertising possibilities.

Which podcasts do you like to listen to? Comment below to share them with us!