13 Days of PPC Fright: Let the Tales Begin!

imgresThis Halloween season, Clix Marketing will be taking a look at things that go bump in your account, the monsters that can haunt your reports, and the tools you’ll need to survive your PPC horror story.

These posts shall be henceforth known as the 13 Days of PPC Fright, or affectionately shortened to #PPCFright2014.

Tune in for new posts from now until the main event, All Hallow’s Eve, and the light at the end of the tunnel, All Saints Day!

In case you fear you’ve missed a post, you can find them here:

Day 1: Exorcise Your PPC Demons

Day 2: Identify Stranger Danger in Your PPC Account

Day 3: The Art (and Danger) Of Trick-Or-Treating

Day 4: The 5 Omens of a Departing Client

Day 5: Beware The Walking Dead

Day 6: Do You See Dead Data?

Day 7: Visiting The Pumpkin Patch: Choosing a Client

Day 8: How To Survive a PPC Horror Story

Day 9: The 7 Deadly Sins of PPC Management

Day 10: Finding Casper, a PPC Account’s Friendly Ghost

Day 11: What’s Your Final Destination?

Day 12: Paranormal PPC Activities (True Tales from the Experts)