17 Posts for 2017: Year-End Roundup of Our Top Posts

It was a big year in PPC from the new AdWords UI, the start of artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with the focus on audience targeting! As we prepare for the products, platforms, and announcements coming in 2018, let’s end this year by looking back at our most popular content — the top 17 posts from the most exciting year yet in PPC.

17. Using Storytelling in Facebook Carousel Ads for Better Performance

16. Apple Search Ads Campaign Strategy

15. 4 AdWords Scripts to Improve PPC Management

14. Pinterest Ads + Customer List Audiences: The Secret to Successful Nurture Campaigns

13. We Tried It Out: Smart Display Campaigns Are Worth A Test

12. 5 Things You Should Know About Quora Ads

11. What You Need to Know About AdWords’ New Ad Suggestion Beta

10. PPC Best Practices That We Ignore

9. The Complete Instructive Guide: Page Feeds for Dynamic Search Ads

8. Don’t Pause that Keyword Until You’ve Analyzed These 4 Metrics

7. Are You Using Google Data Studio? You Probably Should Be

6. 3 Ways to Utilize Google Analytics for Better AdWords Reporting

5. Improve Your Display Campaigns with Anonymous Placement Optimization

4. AdWords In-Market Audiences Are Coming to Search

3. How to Configure AdWords Tracking in Google Tag Manager

2. Big Changes Coming To AdWords Ad Grants

1. AdWords “Optimize for Conversions” Ad Rotation Could Be Killing Your Conversions

You can count on us to continue delivering our thoughts, opinions, and tips throughout the next year on the PPC industry. We hope you have a safe and happy start to 2018!

What would you like us to focus on in 2018? If there is a specific topic we can write on and cover, we’d love to hear it in the comments or in our reader poll!